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Alex-Ariza 1eb1a

Floyd Mayweather implied that Alex Ariza, the strength and conditioning coach for his May 3 foe Marcos Maidana, is something of a miracle worker, whose methods might not be so kosher. On a Wednesday conference call, Floyd said that Manny Pacquiao looked like a different man when he worked with Ariza handling strength and conditioning. Sans Ariza, Floyd said, Manny isn't the same caliber of boxer. He referenced a story from a few months ago, when Freddie Roach took a shot at Ariza, for feeding Manny drinks of dubious provenance, but backed off going all in with an outright j'accuse blast.

I reached out to Ariza, to allow him to respond, maybe throw a counterpunch or two if he so chose.

Alex, did you hear that Floyd implied you have dabbled in monkey business?

“I'll take it as a compliment,” the fitness advisor answered.

That was it. No sneaky counter-swipe, or veiled poke, delivered with a candied coating of false respect.

Theater of the the unexpected. Sometimes they do indeed turn the other cheek…


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