He'll Wait For Cake: Collazo Celebrates B-Day, Looks Forward To Khan Bout

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“On May 3rd, THE MOMENT is going to be my moment.” – Luis Collazo

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NEW YORK CITY (April 22, 2014) – Former WBA Welterweight World Champion and current WBA International Welterweight Champion Luis Collazo spent the afternoon of his birthday speaking with reporters about what he calls the “highest plateau that one can fight on.” Collazo, who turned 33-years-old today, will face former unified world champion Amir “King” Khan in the co-main event of “THE MOMENT: Mayweather vs. Maidana” on Saturday, May 3 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas live on SHOWTIME PPV®.

Collazo opened up about his spirituality, work ethic and excitement for this chance of a lifetime taking place in less than two weeks. Below is a selection of Collazo's thoughts ahead of his fight against Khan.

LUIS COLLAZO, WBA International Welterweight Champion

“This fight [against Khan] is my whole career right in front of me. I believe if I beat Amir Khan I have a bigger future in boxing and if I don't, I have to start from the bottom again.

“I am not looking beyond Amir Khan. He is my main focus. From here whatever happens happens, but Amir Khan is all I'm thinking about right now.

“[What has changed between when he first held a world title and now] Back then, I was giving glory to myself, but now I give all glory to God. Wherever I go today is because of Him. Before I was on my time, now I'm on God's time and I believe that God has given me the motivation to perform the way I'm performing. I'm going to keep performing at the elite level.

“A win over Khan does put me in the Mayweather sweepstakes, but my sights are set on Khan.

“[On Khan wanting to fight Mayweather] When Khan looks across the ring, he isn't going to see Floyd Mayweather. He is going to see Luis Collazo. I am the best.

“On May 3rd, THE MOMENT is going to be my moment.

“Being born and raised in Brooklyn means everything to me. To be able to go out there and perform at an elite level, coming from Brooklyn is everything. To see the transformation of where I'm from to where I am is tremendous.

“I believe this is the most exposure that I have seen in my career.

“When Floyd fights, everybody watches. Now to be able to fight in the fight right before he steps into the ring is tremendous.

“This is the highest plateau that one can fight on. You have to go out there and perform.

“Now that I am living a spiritual life, I am a different person. Yes I'm older, but spiritually I feel like I'm 22.

“We are supposed to go through trials and tribulations. That is what shapes our personality.

“Yeah I have five losses, but a lot of people remember you for your last outing, and my last outing was tremendous. If my last fight was a defeat, people would keep bringing it up.

“[On the Ortiz fight] On that night Ortiz looked like the old man. If you are taking care of yourself and have faith you can overcome any obstacle.

“The water in Brooklyn is just breeding great fighters. We have great guys coming out of Starrett City Boxing Gym. These kinds of gyms are the best kinds of gyms. That is what creates fighters in the ring that are going to give 110 percent every time they go out.

“I hope Khan is ready on May 3 to fight me, not someone else. It's going to be an explosive night not just for me, but for the boxing fans in general.

“Khan is going to fight the best Collazo on May 3. Whatever he said he said. Talk is cheap.

“At this point in the game 75 percent is mental and the other 25 is physical. Mentally it is easy to breakdown. You have to go into the ring and be smart.

“Fighting for my first title was my hardest fight. I came out of it with a fractured rib. The last three rounds I was exhausted, but I gave it my all and I made sure that I left everything I ever fought for in that ring.

“My prediction for this fight is that I am going to be victorious.”

NIRMAL LORRICK, Collazo's Trainer

“I think Luis has been one of the luckiest fighters through his ups and downs. He has had the option to fight fighters from all of the different promotional companies. He never sold out. I think to me Luis is one of the top three fighters in the world and he's been like that for a long time. He has just been overlooked.

“Luis is guiding us, God is guiding him and we are doing the work together. He is enjoying this. I am very proud of him.”


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-oldschool :

I was surprised at how many fans wanted to see Khan fight Mayweather. I think Collazo will give Kahn all he can handle

-Carmine Cas :

Welcome to TSS oldschool. I hope Collazo's gift to himself is Khan's China chin.

-amayseng :

Collazo looks 43 not 33. I hope he beats Khan...

-oubobcat :

I am pulling for Collazo myself. Part of the reason is I really do not want to see a future Mayweather-Khan fight. However, I think Khan will prevail in this one. Khan, I believe, is simply too fast for Collazo. Khan's hand speed advantage is apparent. He is also more agile and will use that agility to set up combinations utilizing his vast hand speed advantage. If he remains focused for the entire fight, it should be a relatively easy one for him. We all know about Khan's chin and defensive liabilities. It is entirely possible that Collazo could land a big shot, much like he did against Ortiz, and do something dramatic. I think though that Collazo is going fall in love too much with trying to land the big shot and will forgot that he needs to do work to set that punch up. I see him following Khan around the ring where Khan ends up picking him apart. Like I said earlier, I hope I am wrong. I really like Luis Collazo and hope he can find a way to prevail. But the sensible part of me says Khan will ultimately get the nod in this one.

-deepwater2 :

That looks like Gallagher's steak house , forget that cake I would be drooling for a fat porterhouse if I was cutting weight before a bout(which I am, I am kinda sick of Raw Almonds, protein shakes,green juice, salad and baked chicken breast ). Khan might have a speed advantage but speed can be nullified with timing. Collazo has got great timing and counterpunching ability. Look for a check hook over the Khan double jab. If the Khan glass jaw can withstand those check hooks he might just win in good fashion. I'm rooting for nice guy Louie. I hope Virgil Hunter gives good advice in the corner instead of some mystic riddles.

-The Good Doctor :

Nice assessment sir. I would add that I hope that Khan uses his smarts, not his heart in this fight. If he will use the strategy he used against Paulie, he could win this going away. However, Khan disregards his history and likes to trade. Makes for great viewing but man it gets him clocked often. There is a side of me would love to see Collazo win because it would then put Floyd in a real strange position. There is no way he could push him versus Collazo as his next fight.