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Floyd Mayweather talked about money, and his fame, and his legacy on the first installment of Showtime's “All Access” show, likely growing the base of haters who will tune in to see him get his butt kicked up another 5%.

Marcos Maidana is Floyd's latest foil, and we shall see if he can fare better than other foes on May 3, in Las Vegas.

Floyd still has a bunch of fancy cars and likes to flash wads of money to the camera. He said he has the best in property and has canoodled with the best women, and his man Leonard Ellerbe says he's having a grand all time.

A car dealer says Floyd has bought 88 cars from him, but he's not done yet, it looks like. He sometimes has a car for a week, then snaps up a new one, and rarely goes over 2,500 miles on the odometer. The legions eager to see him lose probably increased as he flaunted that conspicuous consumption, and you might be able to cast now ex fiancee Miss Jackson into the hater pile; we hear that their 4 year engagement is no more. Floyd says that she got too big for her britches, and didn't know her place. She used to have piles of booty, but that has been cleared out, the cameras show. She is acting in LA, he says. “We still friends,” he says, but have just outgrown each other. I occasionally see they are sparring on Instagram and such, so I can't testify how friendly they actually are.

Floyd sits with three ladies and tells them guys need to wear tight briefs so their testes don't sag, down the line. He then brags in his bedroom, about how many babes he's frolicked with.

Next, we see Floyd at a commercial shoot. He says he can't overlook Maidana, and Ellerbe says Maidana is the hottest guy out there.

Floyd says he's a “six grade dropout but I'm no fool,” that he can grow his money. He then says he doesn't know Maidanas' name.

In Argentina, Maidana, with his fiancee, we see the Maidana crew in action. He hits a soccer match and the fans chant “Chino!” He says he's a fighter, and doesn't even care if the fights are on TV. He does care about the birth of that baby, though. The lil lady will be named Emilia.

Trainer Robert Garcia isn't present and when the baby is born, Maidana will come to the US.

We then see footage of Maidana vs. Broner, and note that Broner and Floyd share some traits. What about fates? The left hook that dropped Broner looked sharp and strong, and then we see another left hook dropping AB. Floyd said he's upset what Maidana did to Broner. “Broner got outhustled by Maidana,” says Floyd, announcing that too much partying is detrimental to a fighter.

He tells kids at the gym not to look at any YouTube but of him. We see a six year old and an eight year old spar. Not sure how you feel about that, I don't dig it…But the kids seem to like it, and both get a hundred dollar bill from “Money.”

Maidana, we hear, started boxing at age 15, not like Floyd, who was battling in diapers. Baby Emilia is then born. Maidana was there for the birth, he says. But he must get into fight shape, and must fully focus on beating Floyd. He says his son will attend the fight, with a grandma. The missus says she won't go to see his fights.

Next, we see Floyds' kids do a sleepover in Vegas. He puts them to bed, and heads out on the town, engages in some retail therapy. He says he's glad God has chosen him to be…him.

Maidana, to the press in Argentina, says he knows he can KO with one punch.
“I don't think he can retire undefeated,” Maidana says.

Floyd ends by saying that he's beating guys young enough to be his sons.

Thoughts, friends?


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