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Shawn Porter put the IBF welter title he snagged from Devon Alexander up for grabs against Paul Malignaggi on Saturday night in DC, and on Showtime. But his power was apparent from early on, and the Magic Man couldn't keep Porter off of him.

Paulie went down in the fourth, and got up, but ate a few rights, went down again, and couldn't get up.

Porter stood out, for his power, and his accuracy, and it is clear that nobody, not anybody, is thinking he's an ESPN level fighter.

After the bout, Jim Gray spoke to Porter. He said Paulie told him he was a great pro. Paulie after the bout told Gray that he wants Porter to be great, so he didn't lose to an average fighter. He said he isn't sure if he will continue fighting.

Porter (age 26) out of Ohio, was seen as an ESPN level fighter till he beat Devon.

Malignaggi (age 33; 33-5 entering) entered looking for his fourth world title.

In the first, they started off rumbling. Paulie got cut under his left eye, but stayed focused, used his feints, his rights to the body, and lateral movement. Porter bumrushed him and ate rights in return. They clinched a few times, and it was clear we'd see more of that.

In the second, Porter landed a sharp right, then another. Paulie's footwork was of a higher grade, but he ate two lefts which buzzed him a tiny bit. Porter mauled him on the ropes, and Paulie had to clinch. Trainer Eric Brown asked Paulie not to get into a brawl. The left hook which scored so well was a leaper, a Floyd Patterson special, which landed as Paulie backed straight back.

In the third, a right buzzed Paulie. The power edge for Porter was apparent early. Paulie started jabbing and had Porter thinking some. “We don't wanna brawl, we wanna box,” Brown said after.

In the fourth, Paulie went down, at 2:45. He said he was hit on the back of his head. It looked like it was on the ear, a sharp left. He went down again, and couldn't get up. The final blows, a few rights, mostly, sent Paulie down, on his back, unable to get up, at 1:14, via TKO.


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