Quillin Makes Easy Work of Konecny, Keeps WBO 160 Crown

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WBO middleweight champ Peter Quillin led off the Showtime show on Saturday night, in DC, against Lukas Konecny, a Czech who had never fought in the US before, and never been stopped in his four losses.

Konecny kept that distinction alive, lasting the distance against the champ, but that's looking on the bright side for Konecny. Quillin did what he wanted, when he wanted, though he wasn't able to hurt Konecny that much, let along drop him. The judges had the final say, and there was no doubt that even a CJ Ross would muck this one up: the scores were 120-108, 119-109, 119-109 for Quillin.

Q went 403-880 to 197-456 for the loser.

Quillin spoke to Jim Gray after the win was announced. He said K was a tough fighter, but he noted he could always improve. He will watch tape and dissect he said. He said he's at the level of a Golovkin, and would like to fight him or Sergio Martinez. Is Danny Jacobs next? Sure, he's up for that, he stated. Quillin gave a shoutout to the missus, due in July. He has always wanted to be a dad, he said.

The New Yorker Quillin had a height and reach advantage on the check, but K landed the left hook a few times through two rounds. Q was sharp with the jab, and worked downstairs as well. Quiilin fought a lot off the back foot, and K, who promised to retire if he didn't win, had some luck backing Q to the ropes. K didn't look out of his league, which many folks thought he would, through three. But he lacked pop, and Q knew from early on that he could withstand K's best shot, in all probability, and stay standing.

The 35-year-old Czech came in with a 50-4 mark, but he's fought B grade and lesser foes. The 30-0 Quillin threw a hellacious left hand to the side that had K wincing in the fourth. Q's combos impressed the judges and you had to think the longer this went, the more steam K would lose after every session.

In the fifth, Quillin snaked a right behind the ear, something he'd had luck with before. K's high guard, with gloves in front of his face left that ear open. A right to the body by Quillin had Konecny shaking his head no, you didn't hurt me…but you know it did.

Quillin piled up the combos to start the sixth. They both got a break when K's shoelace came untied. He fixed that, and then kept coming forward, but wasn't throwing enough. He did show a solid chin, you have to give him that, and he ate a ton of lefts to the body, so that held up well to this point, too. A right hand, though, did buzz the Czech, and made him do a two-step. Konecny clipped Quillin with a right hand, which connected solidly, but he simply doesn't possess the pop to do much damage on a an A grade fighter. Future foe Danny Jacobs, working color, said during the sixth that Quillin needed to do damage on K, needed to impress if he wants to elevate his stature in the game. Trainer Eric Brown asked Quillin to throw uppercuts, but be ready to see a hook coming after that.

In round eight, we saw K's face bear some scratches. Quillin was deliberate, doign what he wanted, when he wanted it. A right and then left uppercut landed clean. “He's ready to break down now,” Eric Brown told Q after the eighth.

In round nine, Quillin kept on having his way. K landed a left while Quillin backed straight up, but with his junior middleweight power didn't bother the New York resident. In the 10th, the two exchanged fire on the ropes, as some fans started booing. K kept on coming forward and landed some clean shots but they weren't zippy enough to bother Q, or take rounds. K's right eye sported a slice, on his lid, but the doc let it go. In the 11th, both men threw uppercuts, but K didn't step it up, get crazed, though he had to know he was losing in a big way. He did land a few left hooks, and stepped up the pressure late in the 11th, to his credit. In the 12th, Q stayed smart, moving laterally, popping the jab, while K pressed forward, cut off the ring, but did nothing with it. Blood poured from K's nose, as his chance to win circled the drain. He ate a low blow, which was really on the belt, not groin, to add to the insult, with a minute left.

We went to the cards.


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-the Roast :


-Carmine Cas :

If Konecny carried a little more power to 160 it would not have been so easy for Quillin. He's a sucker for the overhand right.

-The Commish :

I think Quillin knew Konency didn't carry that kind of firepower, therefore he let up a bit in the defense dept. However,Quillin's jab lacked snap and his right wasn't as potent as usual. I am hoping for him that he didn't suffer a hand injury in the fight. A Quillin v Danny Jacobs fight now looms. By the way, Jacobs did a superb job as an analyst on Showtime. -Randy G.

-Domenic :

I think Quillin knew Konency didn't carry that kind of firepower, therefore he let up a bit in the defense dept. However,Quillin's jab lacked snap and his right wasn't as potent as usual. I am hoping for him that he didn't suffer a hand injury in the fight. A Quillin v Danny Jacobs fight now looms. By the way, Jacobs did a superb job as an analyst on Showtime. -Randy G.
Konecny was game and fought bravely, but he couldn't have hurt Quillin if he was swinging the ring post. That was clear from the get go. No doubt, Jacobs did an excellent job in the booth. That was an outstanding telecast put forth by Showtime last night. Worth every cent of my monthly subscription.

-amayseng :

Jacobs takes that belt, no problem at all. And Jacobs has a job commentating when he is done fighting. God bless him

-brownsugar :

Danny is a way more dynamic boxer. But he is very susceptible to getting hit in the face. ... As proven in his fight with Pirog. But Quillen shouldn't be able to show Jacobs anything he hasn't seen before. Quillens fight was almost unnecessary. The ref should have raised his hand in the dressing room and spared the audience the torture of trying to pay attention.... By the way I did catch a brief nap during the fight .... I caught Quillens closing interview (good luck with your newborn) and was brought back to life by the ferociously paced fight between Paulie and Porter.

-oubobcat :

Quillin was hurting Konecny with the left hook to the body. If he had worked that left hook to the body with more consistency, would have gotten Konecny out of there. I really want to see the Jacobs fight happen next. But I am not sure if it will happen this soon. I think Quillin and his management team are holding out for Canelo when he moves up to 160. And I think they feel that will happen in the fall. Think about it from this perspective. Yes a fight with Jacobs will bring a decent payday but not what a Canelo fight would bring. A fight with Jacobs fight comes with tremendous risk for less money than a potential Canelo fight and a loss to Jacobs would erase any hope in the near future of Quillin getting a big money fight. I think Quillin is going to lay low for a little bit. He will then call out Canelo win or lose to Lara in July.

-brownsugar :

You may have something there oubobcat... Both of them are about evenly matched in the boxing skills department.

-The Commish :

Oubocat has indeed nailed it perfectly. As much fun as it would be to see a Quillin v Danny Jacobs match, it makes much more sense (as in dollars and cents) for Quillin to take aim at Canelo Alvarez first. It is a fight which will earn his a lot more money that will a fight against Jacobs. Should Quillin beat Alvarez while Jacobs dispatches another few opponents during the same time period, both earn considerably more when they face each other. -Randy G.