TSS Salutes Monte Barrett

TSS sends a hearty salute, and a collective “thank you” to Monte Barrett, for all the years of service, and the obvious decency, and class, in how he conducts himself.

Monte Barrett, aka Two Gunz, we wish you well in this next phase of your vocational life!

In case you missed it, Barrett was stopped by Luis Ortiz in California, on a Golden Boy/Fox Sports 1 show on Thursday night.

Our man Monte never got into a flow, and it looked like perhaps rings rust (he hadn’t fought since July 2012) and age (he turns 43 on May 26) were conspiring against him.

The snap wasn’t there. The timing was off. But the heart kept beating, and he soldiered on. Until an Ortiz (21-0 with 18 KOs) power shot shape-shifted his nose, dropped him, and forced the referee to halt the contest in round four.

Barrett logged on to Facebook a while after, and shared this message:

I want to thank all you guys for your love and support. I’ve been doing something that I love for 18 years but it’s time to close this chapter and walk into new doors of opportunity. If I can’t compete with the best it’s time to accept that and keep it moving. I officially retired from boxing last night. I’ve had a great run and hold my head up as I exit out. Who ever thought a kid from south Jamaica Queens would accomplish so much and gain so much love . Keep me and prayers… God bless.

Classy to the enth degree.

Monte steps away with a 35-11-2 record–which frankly doesn’t indicate his laudatory willingness to glove up against giants and bombers who entered the ring with higher-grade ammunition than he–and our admiration intact.

Be well, sir.




-The Commish :

Being a New Yorker, I have come to know Monte very well. It hurt to watch what was his final fight, just as it hurt to watch the final fight of Muhammads Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Alexis Arguello and so many others. Monte is a bright guy and he'll now move on. Hopefully, he finds what he's looking for and doors will open to him. Monte Barrett is indeed a class act and deserves success in life. I have a feeling he'll get it. -Randy G.

-Radam G :

Two Gunz, you will do a three gunz and holla back. You're not going to end it this way. You are/were a nice whup-@$$ house, not a flophouse shack. Retired, you will not stay. Face it! Your first bout was a win. For you, win is in. So you will come back and go out with a win. You have too much heart. You are not a man of tin. With a loss, you'll not depart. Holla!

-deepwater2 :

He was the sharpest dressed guy in the amateurs . Become a trainer at Gleasons or a high end city gym training actresses like Gotham . Good luck Monte.

-Carmine Cas :

I remember this guy trading knocking downs with David Haye a few years back, best of luck Monte

-Carmine Cas :

Two Gunz Salute!

-Domenic :

Major props to Monte Barrett. The man gloved up with Wladimir, and many other top notch fighters of his time, and acquitted himself with honor. He had a solid career that warrants kudos.