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So TMZ has updated their “Mayweather jewelry assault” story, which broke Wednesday morning at 1 AM. To my eye, there is still a distinct lack of substance to the story, which alleges that the boxer suspected two men who did work on his Las Vegas house of taking some jewelry from the residence.

TMZ' first account said that Floyd directed the men offsite, several weeks ago, and some Floyd cohorts whacked them around. Bones were broken, that story said, though no names were given, beyond Floyd's, and no arrests have been made, let alone there being discussion of even an investigation by authorities.

The update shows scans of x-rays, which purport to show damage, referred to as “extreme torture,” inflicted on one of the two suspected jewlery thiefs.

“The two men have lawyered up,” the new TMZ post indicates…which is why the masses haven't embraced this “story” as anything close to the gospel truth this week.

Mayweather, with his reputation as a Daddy Warbucks, and a past history for engaging in a few altercations, of a domestic variety and involving strangers during public appearances,  has been a target for accusers who've “laywered up” and sought to gain justice through requests for money.

You pay, and we make it go away, would a name for that plan of attack.

It's a new element of the American Way, actually; can't make it in the real world, through hard work, talent, skill, perseverance? Then do a slip 'n fall, and call a personal injury lawyer and practice your weeping and feigned agony for the courtroom…or lure a celeb into a fracas, and then cry to high heavens that you've been irrevocably maimed and thus must be compensated with multi millions to salve the wounds.

Bottom line…it feels like we're not any closer to knowing what, if anything, went down those “several weeks ago.”

The jury is still out. Or, more to the point, we don't truly even know if a jury is warranted…or even if a true investigation is.

Double bottom line…until some information pops from a source which IS NOT reliant on an unnamed purveyor of information, this “story” cannot really be filed in the “news” column.

Until then, I'd label it rumor mill runoff, something to keep an eye on, but from a distance, with a properly skeptical gaze.

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