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TMZ posted a story on Wednesday morning which features sensational allegations against Floyd Mayweather. The sourcing is quite thin, it must be said…but the meat of it is this: TMZ wrote that Mayweather suspected two men, who'd been hired to work on his home, of stealing jewelry.

They were lured to an off-site location, where the boxer and other persons were present. The two men were attacked in “brutal” fashion, TMZ alleges, and they were hospitalized.

The men have lawyered up, the report said.

I reached out to a Mayweather publicist for comment.

I must caution: it's best in these sort of deals to let the facts sift out, and not rush to judgement. One could surmise that such a situation could be a stiff blow to Floyd's career and life and freedom if true, especially in light of the fact that he did time in 2012 for a domestic assault charge…but let me reiterate, the sourcing on the TMZ story is ultra thin, and we await more details, and clarity.

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