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Sergio Martinez will be cleared to do roadwork at the end of the month, but right now has been doing the elliptical to stay in shape as he counts down to his June 7 fight at MSG in NYC against Miguel Cotto.

That tidbit comes from Sampson Promotions' Nathan Lewkowicz, who chatted with TSS at a Tuesday presser in NYC to hype the HBO PPV event. Lewkowicz said that at this juncture, Maravilla is most Maravilla-esque when he's jazzed up for a fight. He got sky high for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in 2012, but against some other guys, he won't exactly dog it, but he might not go the extra mile in training. For Miguel Cotto, Lewkowicz said, he will do the extra things to insure his top tier effort.

“He wants people to know it's wrong, what they're saying, that he's a shot fighter,” he said.

I appreciated Lewkowicz not being Belichickish, and pretending that there's nothing to see here, move along, in regards to Sergio's oft repaired right knee. He said that it is a factor and all involved hope it holds up well. Sergio will do rehab in Spain, where he will have the first half of camp, and then will head to Miami to finish camp.

Down the line, Lewkowicz said that he thinks Sergio will fight maybe two more years, though promoter Lou DiBella later said he think the 39-year-old won't fight past 40. Three or so more fights are likely, Lewkowicz said.

“Mayweather would be nice but it probably won't happen,” he said. “He won't fight anyone he might possibly lose to. Even if he barely beat Cotto, I don't think Mayweather would fight Sergio.”

Sergio's quickness, of foot and hands, are things Floyd steers away from, he said. Lewkowicz said nobody probably can judge is “Cotto is back” based off his last outing, against Delvin Rodriguez. “Cotto is a tough fighter,” he said. “But I think we'll send him into retirement. He bleeds a lot, and Sergio hits a lot harder than Austin Trout. I see the fight going like how Pacquiao beat Cotto.”

Next for the boxers? They hit LA tomorrow (Wednesday) and will film “Face Off” with Max Kellerman on HBO after a presser.

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Sergio will be training with Gaby Sarmiento in Spain, with brother Pablo assisting, Lewkowicz said, and then Pablo will take the reins in Miami and come fight night, because an assault rap means Pablo can't enter the US.

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