Golovkin Taking Bereavement Break, April 26 Fight Is Off

The kid is showing that is family first, and deserves nothing but respect.

Gennady Golovkin was set to meet Andy Lee at the MSG Theater and on HBO April 26, but life got in the way. Gennady’s father Gennady Ivanovich Golovkin died, on Feb. 18 from a heart attack, and the boxer decided that he wants to sort out family affairs, and help his mom deal with the pain.

Thus, the WBA middleweight champ informed management, he would prefer not to enter the ring in April, and will take an indefinite leave from the sport.

Promoter Tom Loeffler talked to TSS, and said that Golovkin is the oldest brother in his clan, and that two older brothers died some time ago while in the armed forced, serving Russia.

“He wants to take care of his mom,” Loeffler told me, noting that only Gennady and twin brother Max are there to help mom deal with the absence of her husband, who was 68.

Loeffler and trainer Abel Sanchez attended a memorial service in Kazhkstan last week, and Loeffler said, he had a feeling that April date, which would have been a barn-burner of an atmosphere, with the Irish folk turning out in droves to root on Lee, would be a no go.

“Gennady’s manager called me today,” he said. Loeffler said that he’d understand if Lee took an interim fight, but would welcome Lee as Gennady’s next foe, if the Lou DiBella-promoter boxer decided to play the waiting game for Golovkin.

And when might Golovkin re-enter the fray? June, July, August or September? Too soon to say, Loeffler told me. “It’s hard to speculate,” he said. TSS’  Kelsey McCarson also spoke to Loeffler, and got him to narrow it down a bit. “Maybe four or five months, something like that,” said Loeffler to McCarson. “It’s hard to speculate, but I’d say realistically the earliest would be June or July depending on how everything goes with him.”

A 40 day mourning period is customary over there, he said.The promoter said it took 11 hours to fly to Germany, and then six to fly to Kazakhstan, making it clear that it isn’t a matter of going coast to coast to help his mom deal with the aftermath of the tragic passing.

McCarson spoke to trainer Sanchez, who made it clear the death hit all of Team Golovkin.

“This has been a blow, not only to his family, but to us,” said Sanchez to McCarson. “I think that we as a team need to give him time to heal and to take care of his mom, and since he is the patriarch of his family now, he needs to take care of a lot of things.”

HBO will look to keep the date, and fill the card with other combatants.

I admire the man’s committment to put off sport for what is deep and true and real. It’s further proof that this is a man of substance. Best of luck, from the TSS family, to the Golovkin clan.



-Radam G :

May the power be with 3g during this sad, sad time in his life. Holla!

-amayseng :

Ditto that Radam, I lost my dad the same way. May his spirit not falter, but prosper over time..

-King Beef :

Hopefully they give him all the time he needs

-brownsugar :

"[SIZE=3]I think's it's a beautiful thing. ""[SIZE=3]We are accustomed to watching guys fight a few days or a couple of weeks after their newborn child or another intimate family member has passed on from this corporeal domain... . Nobody says ..."hey, call off the fight dude you need to find closure !!".... we're usually just glad the fight won't be postponed. The surviving fighter is be-knighted a hero and the show goes on as scheduled. Everybodies happy and the emotionally embattled fighter can enjoy massive praise if he perseveres through the tragedy and gets the victory. I'm not knocking anyone for doing this but it's a inspiration to see a professional athlete take a pass on the next payday and just spend some quality time facilitating the healing and renewal process amongst his inner circle. Genady's mother was Korean and worked as an assistant in a chemical laboratory, while his Russian father worked at the coal mine. If his dad died at the age of 69 then GGG would have been conceived when his father was around 38 or 39 years old. anybody who knows anything about fatherhood knows that a 39 year old dad is probably going to be far more patient, nurturing and effective father than someone in their early twenties. (especially after raising 2 of his older brothers) because the older people get, the more they appreciate. I would think GGG would have had a very close bond with this man. Any father who could spend his entire lifetime dedicated to a potentially dangerous and unglamorous occupation like coal mining must have provided a cohesive sense of unity and wellbeing within his family. As you have read in the article above,..... Gennady lost 2 brothers in the military... 4 years apart. 1990 and 1994. He said in an interview I read elsewhere on the web that the Russian Army doesn't bring the bodies back when someone dies on the field of battle. All that's provided to the surviving family member is a phone call announcing the death of a soldier. Gennady says that second notification tore the family apart emotionally, 2 deaths, no details, and no body in the casket to offer closure and solace to the loved ones who remain in the land of the living. So it's even more understandable why GGG would be more than willing to push everything aside for the sake of those who really matter in his life. Golovkin said his older brothers were also boxing fans and they would get up early to watch videos of boxers like Ali, Tyson, and his favorite of all (video boxer) technique wise,..... some of whose moves GGG has incorporated into his fighting style was Sugar Ray Robinson. GGG talked about his brothers making him challenge other "men" when he was still a very young. Now this wasn't bullying, it was a mutually consented invitation between two athletically inclined (and probably bored) towns folk to punch, box, and wrestle each other for entertainment. GGG maintains the international amateur competition didn't really intensify until he was about 16 years old. He also attributes the death of his brothers to raising the level of his dedication and drive to be the best. Personally I'm not a very emotionally demonstrative person, if someone died in my family you probably wouldn't see many tears in my eyes and I'd probably be one smiling at the guests, shaking hands at the funeral while doing my best to console those who came to pay their last respects... but privately I'd dream about that lost loved one evey night for weeks sometimes months at a time,... ...hear them speak to me at odd times during the day, and expect to see their face when I heard a knock on the door. while quietly remembering every transaction I ever had with that individual during their lifetime, .... good or bad. I hope GGG and his family can obtain the necessary closure needed at this critical time in their lives during his self imposed exile from the sport. And I look forward to seeing him return to the office when he's good and ready. "