CHAVEZ JR vs. VERA II: Who Do Ya Like?

This could bode well if you’re a Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fan, someone who wants the kid, who really is now old enough that it’s a misnomer to call him a “kid,” to reach his full potential, and not fritter it away in a haze of smoke and entitlement issues.

Junior, born to fistic royalty, sent a message, it would seem, that he has seen the light, and hunkered down, and gotten serious for his rematch with clubfighter turned HBO headliner Bryan Vera. The 26-year-old Mexican weighed 167 1/2 pounds, same as Vera, during the Friday weigh in, in Texas, ahead of the Saturday clash at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Really, if Chavez is even 80% of what the most optimistic folks think he is, he should be able to handle the 23-7 Vera, even if the 32-year-old Vera has improved noticeably under the tutorial watch of Ronnie Shields.

If you were leaning toward Vera in the rematch, does Junior’s physique change your stance? You can see in the above Chris Farina photo the defiance in Juniors’ eyes, his Manson lamps sending a message of “see those abs, bitches?”…

Junior’s record stands at 47-1-1, and I dare say he will be noticeably busier in the volume department this time around, and won’t let Vera outhrow him by more than a hundred blows, as he did in their Sept. 28, 2013 scrum.

For those expecting a Scale fail, for Chavez Jr. to have to pay out a chunk of his purse to his Texas opponent, they got what they expected…but from a different source.

Mexican vet Orlando Salido was 128 1/4 pounds and didn’t bother trying to get to 126. So he will hand over $15,000 to foe Vasyl Lomachenko, the amateur stud who looks to win a crown, the WBO version the 33-year-old Salido (40-12-2) left on the scale, in only his second official professional bout.

The 26-year-old Ukrainian Loma, a lefty, was 124 1/4, for the record.

Readers, talk to me..Who do ya like, in both fights?

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-amayseng :

Good for Jr. I expect another close fight Salido, either he knew he couldnt make it and gave up early to save for decent physicality... or hes as drained as he can be and will be lifeless. I am hoping for a good scrap

-Radam G :

It's lefty time, BABBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Salido is a scary cat. He's overweight because he has no chance on earth or in hell of beating V-Lo. Down and out, Salido will go. The SOAL JCCJ is going to Texas Two Step Vera and California Baja crash and smash him. Holla!

-jiml :

who is chavez's trainer? first he was going to roach, then garcia (who didnt think he'd show) then I heard nacho. I think he got his dad again LOL

-DaveB :

Chavez should beat the paint off this boy. I think this time he is in good shape. Vera has a long night ahead of him, or possibly a short night. Salido will hang tough as long as he can. This will be a good test of how good his opponent really is. If he gets past Salido in convincing fashion the sky is the limit.

-King Beef :

Gotta go with Jr. this go round.