Next For Kovalev Could Be Announced Next Week

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He's must see TV at this point, if he's fighting Adonis Stevenson or someone of a lesser ilk. You will tune in to see certified terminator Sergey Kovalev, the Russian hitter who performs for the Main Events promotional outfit on March 29, but sadly, it won't be against Stevenson.

Jolene Mizzone, the matchmaker for Main Events, told me we could get an announcement on the next victim, er, opponent, for Kovalev in the first half of next week, after the Super Bowl hype dies down.

“We've made it clear we want Kovalev in the ring against Adonis, of course,” she noted. But as always, there are many moving parts and partners, and that sought-after clash is still a wish-list bout. I do hope the powers that be don't let it over-marinate, and instead pull the danged trigger, and give the people what we want…

Speaking of which, Brooklyner Curtis Stevens bounced back in fine fashion after getting stopped by Gennady Golovkin a few months back, showing his power pack hasn't diminished, as he dropped Patrick Majewski with a jab and wiped the floor with him in round one two weeks ago. Mizzone told me she reached out to the Golden Boy people about matching Stevens against middleweight titlist Peter Quillin, and she says GB's Eric Gomez told her he likes that idea, and would run it up the flagpole. But, Mizzone mentioned, no strings could be attached. Main Events wouldn't be keen on offering options on Stevens' services if he were to beat Quillin, which makes sense from my limited perspective. Main Events has done the heavy lifting on re-building Stevens' rep, and in my opinion should be fully rewarded for that effort, without having to share pie pieces.

“I don't think it'll happen,” Mizzone admitted. She said she has a fan-friendly Plan B for Stevens' next, which could come in April, in that case.


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