Roach On Chavez Jr: “He Knows Where I Am”

Freddie Roach is a hot number again, with Manny Pacquiao, Ruslan Provodnikov and Miguel Cotto looking to Coach Roach for his expertise and oversight. The Massachusetts-born former fighter who learned much of what he imparts from the late great Eddie Futch told me that he’s heard an ex client, one Julio Cesar “Cheech” Chavez Jr. has been telling folks that Roach once again will be getting him tuned for a forthcoming fight. “I hope it comes true,” Roach told me Wednesday, “and if it is true, Chavez knows where I am, I’m not hard to find.”

Coach Roach told me he enjoyed the support and love he received during a recent five-day stay in Cancun, Mexico. He lived it up at the Ritz Carlton there, and met many a fight fan who told him they dug his manner. Looks like he’d be receptive to hooking on again with the son of the Mexican legend, who can be a handful in camps, and looked so-so in his last fight, with his dad in his corner…



-amayseng :

He knows where the dinner table is, and also the bud, thats the problem

-SouthPawFlo :

The Kid is a Spoiled Underachiever.... He needs discipline & Decication to the sport.....

-ultimoshogun :

So it's looking like current "It" boy, Triple G is looking to land his first big payday against Jr. at 168...If Chavez were to get his **** together and get serious about boxing, I think a focused motivated Chavez could give Triple G one helluva fight. What say you?

-Radam G :

NO! Holla!

-amayseng :

chavez would take a beating. Look what Sergio did to him going backwards. GGG would be coming forwards with his shots. Mid fight stoppage.