OTTAWA, Canada (January 2, 2014) – On his mission to become the first Haitian-born heavyweight champion of the world, World Boxing Council (WBC) Silver champion Bermane “B. Ware” Stiverne (23-1, 20 KOs) still doesn't know exactly when and where he will be fighting for the vacant WBC heavyweight world title.

After patiently waiting 2 ½ years as the mandatory challenger, though, the 34-year-old Stiverne understands that he will be in his first world title fight sometime during the first-quarter of 2014 – date, place and network to be determined – in a rematch with Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola (36-3, 31 KOs).

Once Vitali Klitschko finally announced his retirement, the WBC mandated a title fight between its top two rated heavyweights, No. 1 Stiverne and No. 2 Arreola, ordering their respective promoters, Don King Productions and Goossen-Tutor Promotions, to begin negotiations. Stiverne-Arreola will go to a WBC purse bid in Mexico if an agreement is not reached by the January 17.

Stiverne knocked out Ray Austin on June 25, 2011 in the 10th round of their WBC heavyweight title eliminator to capture the WBC Silver championship. Last April in another WBC heavyweight title eliminator, Stiverne successfully defended his Silver belt, winning an impressive 12-round unanimous decision (118-109, 117-110, 117-10) over Arreola, breaking Arreola's nose and dropping him in the third round. Also, three purse bids for Stiverne to challenge Klitschko were postponed during Stiverne's arduous journey to his dream of fighting for the world title.

“I believe that good things happen to those who wait,” Stiverne said sounding more like a philosopher than world heavyweight title challenger. “I also believe that one of my best qualities is to be patient for things that I want and care about in life, especially if I'm putting in work at 110-percent.

“I am not disappointed that I won't be fighting Klitschko. All I care about right now is to get my hands on that green belt and to be the first Haitian heavyweight champion of the world. I have the best team in boxing to take care of this matter. It is not my concern about where or when. My job is to be ready when the time and date comes.”

“Although we've been patiently waiting,” Stiverne's manager Camille Estephan (Eye Of The Tiger Management) noted, “we have not been sitting idle. Bermane has been hard at work, perfecting his skills and abilities, and his time waiting has been an investment. We will show that the sacrifice in efforts during that time has, without doubt, produced the best heavyweight in the world. Bermane is eager to show that in his upcoming performance.”

Stiverne, who lives in Montreal and trains in Las Vegas, isn't looking at his fight with Arreola as a rematch. “As far as I'm concerned,” Stiverne explained, “this will be the first time I fight him. My performance will be impeccable and very painful. I will knock his ass out!”


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-teaser :

Chris will have to avoid getting hit flush with that right as he did for the rest of fight 1 took the the best out of him ...that and to come in shape and this will be a nightmare for the Haitian ....especially in the later rounds when Stiverne was puffing hard ...gonna be a good fight !

-Radam G :

There will be a first Mexican-AmerKano champ before a Haitian one. The Cali Crusher is going to rush and crush "B-Ware!" In the first dance, B-Ware hit the lotto. It won't happen again. Holla!

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

Stiverne by unanimous 12 round decision. He has the better skills and was putting on a boxing clinic before he hit Chris with that powerful right. The knock down and broken nose simply broke Arreola's fighting spirit that night. Stiverne will have no problem with Chris if he is in shape come fight night. Holla!

-Bernie Campbell :

Frisco got beat already before he could say Jackie Robinson! Aristeed! Big big Feet Champ!

-brownsugar :

[SIZE=3][FONT=arial]"I honestly didn't have much appreciation for the Haitian after watching several of his previous fights.... where he seemed to be an extraordinarily hyped, flat-footed plodder,...nothing more than a lumbering juggernaught....... who was short on speed, stamina, and skill, but after viewing the Haitian Heavyweight with the very unusual name (at least to my domestic ears) distinguish himself,.... in a fight where he seemed to put it all together against a fading, worn-around-the-edges Areola,.. I now have a modicum of new-found respect. Areola seemed to be reenergized after scorching the inexperienced Mitchell in the first round. but will the emotional high carry over enough to motivate Areola to have enough discipline to follow up by living a championship contenders' lifestyle? while undergoing an effective diet and training regimen? Areola won't easily forget how Stiverne broke his face in their first fight. and after all the punishing fights Areola has had, he doesn't behave like the boxing Psychopath he used to be. Stiverne already knows Areola is in a do-or-die situation, and is better capable of keeping those sacred pre-fight promises and commitments to himself, than Areola is... Stiverne will succeed because he will prepare himself in such a way as not to allow defeat to snatch itself out of the jaws of Victory. "

-Radam G :

Sorry, B-Sug, but the Haitian (Fat-say-sh?n [sic]) will do a short night of fighting. For he will be going to sleep around two to four rounds. In fight one with The Cali Crusher, "B-ware" hit the lotto. Not fighting Cris again should have been his motto. B-ware long napping on the canvas will be the final fight foto. Holla!

-Radam G :

Sorry, B-Sug, but the Haitian (Fat-say-sh?n [sic]) will do a short night of fighting. For he will be going to sleep around two to four rounds. In fight one with The Cali Crusher, "B-ware" hit the lotto. Not fighting Cris again should have been his motto. B-ware long napping on the canvas will be the final fight foto. Holla!

-The Shadow :

I have appreciation for his Shadowesque hairstyle. Let's see if he can make me have appreciation for his fight game. Suge, if you can, please go back to the regular font! It's tough on the eyes. Not to be mean or anything but I want to read what you say but it's hard for me to do without getting a headache (I'm especially sensitive to screen already due to my little head issue.) Should be an interesting fight.

-Bernie Campbell :

first Hatian? What in the Fuh, Hey Yo down wind! Sacre Pheew! as in pepey people! Lets try to reClarify! First French Heavyweight Champion of Romam Origin! 2 Giant steps bacl!