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dm 131208 shawnnportersound 2757eShawn Porter had Devon Alexander worried and holding and looking like the green guy early on at the Barclays Center on Saturday night. Then Devon got his groove going; he got pumping the jab, interrupted his flow. Porter shot his wad early, maybe, it looked like. But he kept on grinding, getting in Devon’s face, not giving him room to pile up points. And he didn't lose steam, and he made it to the end of the 12th..and then he hoped that the judges would get it right.

And they did…Porter won, by 115-113, 116-112, 116-112

I nicknamed Deon “Clinchy McGlinchey” for his holding in the early rounds, and made my next door neighbor Tim Smith chuckle. The blood on Devon’s right eye flowed heavily in round seven. In the eighth, Devon caught Porter coming in with a hook. We wondered who would have more juice left late. In the ninth thru the 12th, the men were in tight, jostling for position. We’d go to the cards and who knew what the judges would say?


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