Porter Takes Crown From Alexander at Barclays

Shawn Porter had Devon Alexander worried and holding and looking like the green guy early on at the Barclays Center on Saturday night. Then Devon got his groove going; he got pumping the jab, interrupted his flow. Porter shot his wad early, maybe, it looked like. But he kept on grinding, getting in Devon’s face, not giving him room to pile up points. And he didn’t lose steam, and he made it to the end of the 12th..and then he hoped that the judges would get it right.

And they did…Porter won, by 115-113, 116-112, 116-112

I nicknamed Deon “Clinchy McGlinchey” for his holding in the early rounds, and made my next door neighbor Tim Smith chuckle. The blood on Devon’s right eye flowed heavily in round seven. In the eighth, Devon caught Porter coming in with a hook. We wondered who would have more juice left late. In the ninth thru the 12th, the men were in tight, jostling for position. We’d go to the cards and who knew what the judges would say?



-brownsugar :

Its time for some new blood... I picked Devon..... like I said earlier Porter is not the best fighter but his team has a vision and they followed the plan staying busy and escalating the competition incrementally. Good win for Porter.

-amayseng :

Thank the good Lord almighty....... finally alexander is out of the picture, he offers little and is not close to world class.

-brownsugar :

Devon showed little fire tonight ...Porter will appreciate the title more for as long as he holds it.

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

Porter followed the Tim Bradley blueprint and mauled Alexander. Porter's hands were faster and Alexander didn't know what to do in order to negate Porter's aggression. Alexander should have been boxing off of his back foot with the jab, running Porter into the left cross and the check right hook all night. His corner also did a poor job. Can Kevin Cunningham teach Bika how to punch with his knuckles up and on balance? How about telling Alexander to fight tall and use his natural advantages against the smaller Porter? I'm burnt out on Alexander and on Cunningham.

-amayseng :

exactly Bsug, alexander received so many gifts he lost appreciation of what he had.... his trainer had his ego blown up he lost his edge. SRD, for the last so many fights alls Alexander does is throw one or two then immediatly grab and hold. Porter and his Dad put some work in preparing and shot that right hand right down the pipe. Hold that Devon.

-Radam G :

Now that Devon Alexander, the not so great lost, maybe Da Lou ex cop Kevin Conninghumbug will make like an atom and split for a bit. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

I like this Porter cat. Very classy post fight interview.

-the Roast :

I'd like to thank Porter for outhustling Alexander.I was so tired of Devon. Alexander hasn't looked good in a fight since he beat Urango. One snoozer after another. Porter was reminding me of Meldrick Taylor in there. A short guy who had to rush in a and throw a lot of punches. There is so much talent around '47 I can't see Porter holding the belt too long but hey, the kid is a Champion. That's got to feel good.

-Carmine Cas :

I'm going to add my tid bit into the Alexander bashing; thank you Shawn Porter, good for you. Porter took it too him and pressed his man, Devon didn't know how to negate it. And Cunningham is annoying

-Bernie Campbell :

Why is it in Sam Hill every time the earth makes a dang 360 degree turn. Ive gotta see Sam Watson's chewing gum behind aroubd the corner! I wonder if it means something!

-Radam G :

B-Camp! Is Sam Watson your long-lost brotha from ur-nother mutha? You are always hollering about him. You're the first to drop his name in this Universe. Forever I wouldn't do that! But last year around Halloween you crashed into this Universe and has been: "Sam Watson! Sam Watson!" Whaddu wif' dat, Playa?' Holla!