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Erislandy Lara had the faster, hands, and feet and looked the fresher man in his scrap with Austin Trout at the Barclays Center on Saturday. Lara, a Cuban cutie, landed that one or two harder, cleaner shots in most every round. There was zero drama after 12 that he'd pick up the WBA interim super welter crown, and yahoo, the judges got it right, 118-109, 117-110, 117-110.

Trout after said that he couldn't get off and that Lara was the better man. Lara said he wants Canelo.

Lara went 150-446 to 97-487 for Trout, who quite simply looked flat to me.

In the first,  it was a technical type of bout.

In the second, Lara landed two times clean shots and Trout shook his head no.

In the third, the men kept their distance and the crowd booed a few times. They’d liked the rumble in the previous fight and this chess match suffered in comparison.

In the fourth, a counter right by Trout landed hard and clean. A straight left by Lara had Trout shaking his head no again.

In the fifth, it was more chess. In the sixth, Lara once again landed the single cleaner, harder shot to take the round. Trout was waiting too much, and wasn’t using the ring as well as Lara. The boobirds got on both in the seventh, a round in which neither man took any risks. The crafty Cuban sat down on his shots a bit more in the eighth, and we wondered if and when Trout would make obvious adjustments. Trout’s eye were puffy now and he followed the Cuban, who moved to his right, too slowly and predictably to change the tone.

The boos were harsh after the ninth. Trout never did make the adjustments, and it was sort of sad to watch his desultory jab in the 11th. Trout went down off a left hook in the 12th, but Lara couldn’t finish the job. We went to the cards and we knew the judges would get it right.


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