I spoke on Thursday to Andre Dirrell, who hasn’t been all that active following his loss to Arthur Abraham in the Super Six tourney in March 2010. He was diagnosed with a brain injury, and fought just two times since. But, he looked and sounded in solid shape at the Barclays Center, and he offered moral support to younger bro Anthony, who looks to take Sakio Bika’s WBC 168 pound crown from him on Saturday, and on Showtime.

The 30-year-old Dirrell (21-1 with 14 KOs) told me he was right there working with Anthony for this camp, and has been sorting through promotional issues. He has no physical issues, with his brain or otherwise, he said, and in fact, had some solid sparring Wednesday. The fighter lost a split decision in a title crack against Carl Froch in 2009, and yes, he’d like a re-do on that one, soon. And would he like to tangle with Andre Ward? You will be able to hear from Dirrell in more depth and detail, including an answer to that Ward query, in an interview that will drop soon on The Boxing Channel.



-Radam G :

Andre Dirrell should retire A-S-A-P. His brain injury was severe. Corrupted officials are turning their heads the other way. Nuff posted. Holla!

-The Shadow :

Andre Dirrell didn't lose to Arthur Abraham. He boxed the sh*t out of him, knocked him down, won pretty much every round and won by DQ.

-brownsugar :

Nice to see you back online Shadow. I dont know what's wrong with Durrell... Haven't seen his medical chart but I hope Curtis Jackson will release the fighters he hasn't been able to provide work for....(if that's the case) Gamboa has been ruined by inactivity and will never be the same again and Durrell has been MIA for 3 years..Whether that stems from promotional issues or head trauma.... I have no clue.... But when a fighter has to take 3 years off it rarely fares well.

-Radam G :

I have a clue, B-Sug, Andre Dirrell suffered a brain injury in his bout with Froch, who kept clocking him in the back of the cranium. Team Dirrell knew about the injury going into the Abraham Bout, but fought and won nonetheless. Holla!

-amayseng :

wow RG that is horrible to hear and it makes me dislike Froch even more than I already did. Froch is a dirty complaining bitch, and Andre whooped his butt and was whoopin AA before the cheap shot. Damn I should have put my baseball bat up and followed through with boxing instead because I yearn to Fight Froch, no doubt in my crazy mind I spark him out. haha And whats up with Curtis??? did he just acquire fighters for the fun of it with poor intentions or is he just failing as a promoter?

-Radam G :

He's just failing as a promoter, A-seng. Holla!

-Radam G :

Kevin Palvik is the only recent active boxer who has admitted to a permanent brain injuries and walked away from boxing. Jermaine Taylor left and came back and then stopped again, hopefully for good. Dirty doctor on-the take have cleared Dirrell, just as they would have KP. But KP said that he didn't want to go out that way and retired. Holla!