Pacquiao (145) and Rios (146 1/2) Make Weight

Pacquiao Rios weighin 131123 001a 1609eManny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios both made weight, and good news, neither man's support staff kicked each other or threw slurs at each other at the weigh-in ahead of Saturday's welterweight clash between The Congressman and the rumbler from California who gets off on rollercoaster tradefests.

Pacman weighed 145 pounds, while Rios was 146 1/2 a day before they were set to tussle in Macao.

The weigh-in ran on HBO, with Jim Lampley hosting.

Max Kellerman spoke to Pacquiao (seen next to Rios after weighing in, in photo by Chris Farina-Top Rank) after the scale stepping. The fighter said he was “so happy” the fight is in Asia, so close to his homeland. And will he look like the “old” Pacman? Yes, he said, because he started training early, and had one of his longest and best camps in many moons.

Max asked Rios about being a welter. He said he likes being at 147, and said he was eating and drinking plenty. He dropped an eff bomb, which Max commented on, and Rios said it is what it is, that is him, like it or leave it. He was on edge at that moment. Then, he said he would win with his heart, and testicles. He sent a message to Roach, who has busted on him, saying Coach Roach would see otherwise in the ring.

Partner Roy Jones predicted the fight would in a KO, by and of someone.

Larry Merchant joined Lampley for a chat, and talked about big fights in exotic locales.

SPEEDBAG Per the WBO, here are the officials for the main event. Judges are Lisa Giampa, Michael Kernick and Manfred Kuechler. Referee is Genaro Rodriguez. Let us cross fingers we remember none of their names after the fight, as they act in a way that encourages us to forget.


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