Tomasz Adamek Sick With Flu, Can't Fight Sat. on NBC

Main-Events 61d00Heavyweight Tomasz Adamek, sick with a nasty flu bug, has pulled out of his Saturday showdown against Czar Glazkov, set to unfold on a Main Events card in Verona, NY, and on NBC TV.

The show must and will go on, however. Cruiserweight Garrett Wilson (13-6-1; age 31; from Philly) volunteered to sub in, and fight Glazkov (15-0-1; age 29; from Ukraine). Wilson's best win came in 2011, when he beat Omar Sheika, avening a defeat one year before. It is presumed the stand-in will be in decent shape, he had a fight scheduled in three weeks. Matchmaker Jolene Mizzone put out the call far and wide for a replacement, and Wilson stepped up.

Here is the statement from Team Adamek:


For the first time in my career I have had to pull out of a bout. I apologize to all of my fans, but the stomach flu has hit me so hard that it is impossible to go through with Saturday’s bout.

I was hoping that against the odds I would recover sufficiently to compete. However, that has not happened. My doctor has told me that I should not fight and, very honestly, I feel awful. Therefore, I had to inform Main Events that I could not compete on Saturday.

Again, I apologize, but the circumstances are beyond my control.


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-Bernie Campbell :

What are you fcn kidding me, theres no fcn bug currently going around now in the area, Especially in fcn Jersey City? Spray your pillpw Tom!

-Bernie Campbell :

Nevermind the Pillows, concentrate on the mattress dummy!

-The Shadow :

He's faking the funk Bernie! Adamek realized he's just another Gehardus Cotzee incarnated, ready for the taking, ripe for the picking! In spite of his name Glazkov got no glaz chin! He can take the punch! Tom can not! He's like Jerry comrade Tom Cat, pussy cat!

-brownsugar :

Glazkov got out boxed by Malik Scott.(he was given a draw).....still he proved to be solid and reliable. But Adamek should have a decent chance if they ever fight.