Deontay Wilder Stops Nicolai Firtha In Fourth Round

Goldenboy 7bf6bAlabaman Deontay Wilder, America's current hope to reclaim heavyweight glory, stopped Nicolai Firtha in round four of their undercard rumble on the Hopkins-Murat undercard in AC.

Nic, who came out and scored a jab that stumbled the Wilder,  went down at 1:15 of the first. He went down again at :48, off another right. His nose dripped blood to end the round. In the second, Wilder didn't manage to drop him. Firtha yapped at Wilder, and ate a few jabs and rights but kept his feet. In the third, Firtha got pounded through the ropes but it wasn't scored a knockdown. He impressed me, in that he moved his feet more than I'd expect from a burly, inelegant sort. A massive right, after a jab, sent him down, and he tried to get up, but the ref waved the fight off right quick at 1:26 of the fourth.

Wilder said after that he knew Firtha wasn't skilled, but was tough. He knows he's at the door of mega-bouts, but is willing to be patient. “Every time you come see me, this is what you're going to get, a knockout,” he said.

“I couldn't be happer, I was in with one of the world's best,” said Firtha after. He maintained he could have continued, and said this is his drug. Doesn't drink or do dope, but loves to compete. Bless him.

Wilder went to 30-0, with 30-0 KOs against the Ohio resident, who dropped to 21-11. Wilder is in a holding pattern, as he waits to see how the Vitali Klitschko situation plays out. Will he fight again, or will Bermane Stiverne and Chris Arreola meet for the vacant crown, with Wilder to meet the winner? In the meantime, he stayed busy.



-amayseng :

Not impressed. Wilder throws his shots wide and out of control. His right hand drops EVERY time he throws anything with his left. he also displays a weak chin his defense is below par a good boxer picks him a part and possibly stops him wlad or vitali would have no problem with him, unfortunately

-brownsugar :

Wilder is decent..but......he loves to load up. Loves to wind up But he's showing small incremental improvements. And a better jab. Firtha was never in the fight except for the beginning ten seconds. Not ready for Vitali.

-amayseng :

i am hoping for the best in Wilder. he shows great power and good killer instinct. however, he is short on skills and has no fundamentals. his balance is all over the place. i can see him walking into a ko as he comes flying in wide and out of control. he needs a trainer who will get him composed and in educated on how to dictate the pace and control space

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

I was actually impressed with Wilder. It takes a keen eye to see what he brings to the table. I can see why Wlad and Vitali are so high on him. The jab was educated and busted Firtha's nose up. Wilder's footwork was also very good. His pivots out of trouble were impressive. Last but not least, his composure was great. The average boxer would have been flustered by the pressure of Firtha during the first half of round 1, but Wilder kept his composure and ended up dominating the round. I think he beats Arreola, Jennings, and Andy Ruiz and he is ready for these types of fights. He is just 28, which is young for a heavy. Cut him some slack folks.

-Radam G :

SRD, give us all a round of what you are drinking. The Cali Crusher Cris kayos Wilder in a round or two. Hehehe! Wilder is little more than a novice. This dude is terrible. He needs to stay outta those Sin City ho houses beating on working girls and get to the gym quick. The guy from Alabama could not handle the Cali Crusher Cris's hamma. Hehehe! Holla!

-ultimoshogun :

Yeah, it's time for Wilder to get in there with a live opponent. I like the Arreola matchup, no need to keep stringing us along...lets see if he's a contender or a pretender.

-Domenic :

At least we're talking about an American heavyweight, and the heavyweight division in general. The sport of boxing benefits when the heavyweight division has fan interest. I'm not sure what to think of Wilder. He's definitely got power, and I could see Wladimir getting a case of major fright ala the Sam Peter fight if they're to meet. Vitali would probably make easy work of him. But Vitali's running for President of Ukraine so the sun is setting on his career. Wlad - Arreola could be good as Arreola has a great chin and will provide resistance. He just needs to be properly motivated, and Wilder should provide that. I'm hearing Tyson Fury next for Wilder. Not real excited for that but overall I kind of like Wilder and hope he stays on a roll. His opponent last night wasn't much but the guy did come to fight and gave it his all. No clinchfest.

-Radam G :

If Wilder enter dat squared √ungle across from Doc Wladimir K, the United States Government should put a drone hit out on the promoter for an act of terrorism against AmerKanos. WTDF! Then imediately have The Shadow Al Haymon mentally tested and take away his Harvard degree. Wow! The things that you will read in cyberspace are amazing to post the least. Wilder can't whup his shadow! He better stick with the enchantingly world of Sin City, where he gets away with busting up ladies of the night. Holla!

-brownsugar :

I hear you Domenic... But don't expect to see the Bama raised bruiser in against Arreola any time soon. Even though the plan was to have Wilder get the winner of Arreola vs Mitchell....Arreola was adamant about going straight into a title shot. His body language indicated he didn't relish a confrontation with the Bronze Bruiser. He clearly didn't want to risk getting his face cracked open again after healing a nose that was broke in 4places by Bermane Stiverne. Even though Wilder is tall. He's not a huge Heavyweight, only weighing 10 pounds more than David Hayes at 225 lbs. He has a huge upper body stacked on top of spindly legs ... Which enables Wilder to draw a close resemblance to Tommy Hearns from the waist down. But he manages his resources well.

-Domenic :

Right on Brownsugar. My position on Wilder is he's sparked some interest. Perhaps it's all a fraud, which is possible. But he's got power and some poise and he certainly looks as good/intriguing as any of the other non-Klitschkos that populate the planet. Definitely flawed and raw and green and not yet chin-tested, but hey, time will tell. Arreola is ok but when he fought Klitschko I recall him weeping uncontrollably in the ring. Then Stiverne fractured his face and dominated him. I have a hard time getting too giddy about Arreola. I'll take Wilder if a gun's to the head there, all day.

-amayseng :

It is definitely a positive that we have a hw prospect from America... I just dont want him to flame out. He needs to up his competition over the next year while improving his craft, hit the fundamentals and sharpen his skills.... Wlads chin is always suspect. Wilder has the firepower to put him to sleep, however he must have the proper tools to do it. if he comes flying in there out of control he will be destroyed, as of yesterday that is what will happen. lets see him fight 3 times this next year and then Wlad

-Radam G :

Wilder is a boxing Houdini who will not be able to get out of the handcuffs when he is taken to deep waters by a warm body. Dude has an illusion of everything boksing, including power to the not so-boxing-educated eyes and his fanboys and fanfaronades. His arse will be burned meat as soon as he fights a heavy with the slightest body heat. Looking for the next American heavyweight great, y'all better keep. Because it is not this whuppin'-Sin-City's working-girls creep. He steps up to a live body, and he will be put to sleep. Holla!

-Carmine Cas :

I wasn't very impressed with Wilder, although he dominated Firtha (which he was supposed to do) he proved to be hittable. Sure he handled Firtha's pressure well but what happens when he fights someone he can get to him more with a punch? His jab and right are decent but he is too wild, he especially when throws that looping left hook. The Klits destroy him and a motivated in shape Arreola beats him up as well. Maybe Wilder can improve with time but he sure as hell ain't ready for a title shot yet, I like the Fury fight though

-Hop :

My reaction was in between the two ends in this thread. I didn't think it was a bad outing for Deontay, but I did go away with some concerns. His power is for real and exciting, and pardon me but I'm glad to have an American HW in the mix. I think he poses a real threat for the likes of Fury, Stiverne, Arreola, Mitchell, and a few others. Not picking him yet, but it would constitute a live question for me. Fury is the fight I've long hoped for. Anyway, I'm not writing him off yet, and I hope the Firtha fight gave him the info he needed to work on and improve certain key elements to his game. Couldn't help but think how things might've soon gone south if the connects from Firtha had been from the K bros. Still really like watching him fight.