No Más Premieres Tomorrow! October 15, at 8 PM ET on ESPN

NEW YORK – No Más, a documentary by Emmy award-winning director Eric Drath, is set to premiere on ESPN Tomorrow!  Tuesday, October 15, at 8 P.M. ET. As part of the Peabody award-winning ESPN 30 for 30 series, the film chronicles the events surrounding the legendary 1980 boxing match between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran. This fight proved to be a career crossroads for two of boxing’s biggest stars and delivered a memorable phrase that has taken on a life of its own.

Billed as the rematch of the century after a thrilling title bout only five months earlier, fans across the world expected an unforgettable showdown, but no one could have foreseen the result. No Más examines the impact of two words and how it shaped the legacies of both fighters in the midst of a contemporary golden age for the sport. The film reunites both fighters present-day in order to achieve final closure for one of the most shocking moments in boxing history.

Viewers follow Sugar Ray Leonard as he embarks on a personal journey to Panama to confront his old nemesis once and for all. As we relive Leonard and Duran’s two epic 1980 bouts, we listen to interviews from both fighters’ camps, their families, and celebrities with the likes of Christie Brinkley, Mike Tyson, and Showtime’s Steve Farhood.

No Más unveils for the first time what really happened as Drath takes viewers behind the scenes of these two fights. This 77-minute documentary relives the glory of their fights and revives their iconic rivalry for a new generation. His first documentary feature, Assault in the Ring, aired on HBO and received the 2010 Emmy Award for Outstanding Sports Documentary. Eric has also directed two other 30 for 30 films – a short film about baseball legend Pete Rose, and Renée, a feature on transsexual tennis sensation Renée Richards.


-amayseng :

anyone else catch this last night? I was a bit disappointed, 80 mins later they get to Duran standing in the ring with srl, and when asked why he quit that night , during his response it seemed they edited out a bunch of what he said and instead showed a rambling and never the answer. duran started to say something about after such a weight gain he was receiving injections to lose weight and then they edited his response with never a real answer.... what was also truly disappointing was when duran asked srl why he would not give duran a third fight for TEN years, duran said he wanted it months after the second fight, leonards answer was that because he had leverage and because he could. what a bunch of disappointing bs. this is why srl had a lot of haters.... my dad was a duran fan and duran leonard 1 was about his favorite fight of all time....

-brownsugar :

Duran said he couldn't sleep or get comfortable training on the prison island... He claimed to be burnt out by his stay there...too creepy. Duran is lucky Leonard ever fought him again after the way he ruined the show with his no ma's performance ... The fans and Leonard deserved better. Leonard owes Duran nothing ...not even the time of day. I lost all respect for Duran for a while after that.

-amayseng :

It just makes no sense why he quit. He wasn't getting beat up. Even if he did have a drastic weight loss for the weigh in he never seemed the type of guy who would ever give up let alone quit like that. Wonder what the real answer is.

-SouthPaul :

I think the real answer is the bully got bullied and that became too humiliating. Classic meltdown. Nothing more, nothing less. Duran let himself and fans down and no one owes him anything. Love the fighter overall though...certainly one of the all time greats.

-brownsugar :

Sounds like a responsible enough answer to me SP.. and yes... Duran went on to win me over with his middle weight exploits.