HBO Gets Great Numbers For Cotto-Rodriguez

HBO Boxing got some good news from the folks at Nielsen Media research, a source tells TSS. Saturday’s clash between Miguel Cotto, the future Hall of Famer, and Delvin Rodriguez registered 1,555,000 viewers, which ranks it the most watched boxing match on cable TV this year.

That scrap, which unfolded in Orlando, Florida, surpassed a bout which HBO ran the previous week, the faceoff between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Bryan Vera. That event drew 1,416,000 watchers.

Thirteen of the top fifteen main event boxing audiences on cable this year have run on HBO, according to the source.



-dino da vinci :

Yes, I'm aware that Showtime is making what seems to be all the right moves to close ground on the leader, but HBO is like the Corleone Family (OK, OK, the Soprano Family): Durable. :D

-Carmine Cas :

Wow HBO is still on top despites Showtime's recent momentum, they have foundation not surprised at all though

-The Shadow :

HBO also has more subscribers, which must be factored in also.