UK Paper Reporting Mayweather-Khan Is On, But Showtime, Khan Say NO

A report in the UK Daily Mail says that Floyd Mayweather has officially chosen his next foe.

Brit hitter Amir Khan will get the coveted slot, on May 3, 2014, the Mail reporter Jeff Powell writes.

I messaged Showtime boxing boss Stephen Espinoza to confirm or deny the newspaper report. He was quoted in the story, but told me, “I haven't spoken to the Daily Mail at all.”

So, has a Mayweather-Khan fight been made? “Not to my knowledge.”

After that statement, he checked back in a few minutes. “I just saw the article,” Espinoza said. “None of that is true.”

A couple hours after the Mail story, Team Khan out out a statement, which I read in The Guardian:

“Team Khan would like to dispel recent reports that Amir Khan has pulled out of a potential match-up against Devon Alexander on December 7th, taking up a fight against Floyd Mayweather in May of next year instead. Contrary to this story, Amir Khan is currently in training camp in San Francisco with the aim of fighting again in December against Alexander once an agreement can be reached.”

We talked about the Mayweather-Khan potential bout last Friday, you will recall. Stay tuned to see if this is a premature jumping of the gun, or a rumor run amuck, or what…


-The Shadow :

Come on, Editor Mike, you know the deal, man. Ya boy got the scoop the other day that the deal was 75% done. Holla at ya boy and The Shadow shall come to light with some EXCLUSIVE quotes from the AA -- Arabs Anonymous. I won't charge too much, either, hehehehehehe.... Then we shall see how accurate the report is.

-dino da vinci :

@SouthPaul. Remember when I said just decide how Floyd is going to win? If this one gets made, the boxing world is throwing this pitch underhanded.

-dino da vinci :

My money was on Mayweather-Garcia next.

-The Shadow :

Team Khan is denying the rumors. Interesting. Denials are usually accurate.

-amayseng :

My money was on Mayweather-Garcia next.
Mine as well. Khan will have little intrigue here in the States. At least Papa psychopath Garcia will have some interest, he does not talk trash, he goes psycho...... wonder how team Mayweather would deal with his antics? It would be entertaining for a bit, then as usual as crazy Garcia does, he gets annoyingly stupid.

-The Shadow :

Give me Garcia-Guerrero. Then we'll see what level he's at. Or Ortiz-Garcia.

-Carmine Cas :

Ruben Guerrero vs Angel Garcia! Mexico vs Puerto Rico