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MayweatherAlvarez Hogan56 ef8deLadies and gents, if you don't mind, I'd like to humbly offer a suggestion which will make my job easier, and improve your performance. During the course of the next big fight, I suggest you, ringside photog, take a photo of each of the three judges assigned to the fight.

That way, the suspects…I mean, judges, can be identified, and when we write about their incompetence next time, our readers will be given a fuller picture of the situation. I think a bit more bright shining light on these incompetents could help us SOLVE the dilemma which continues to help drag down our sport. Of course, we need other measures to address this, such as a comprehensive all-state and nation database which will allow us to identify frequent miscreants. If you are assigned to decide the fate of such a monumental occasion, worth maybe $200 million, you are a PUBLIC figure, you don't deserve to be shrouded, or protected, or anonymity.

I'd like to see CJ Ross watch a tape of Mayweather-Canelo, sitting side by side with Showtime's Jim Gray, and explain her thought processes. I suspect there are around 250,000 of you, too, who would tune in to see this program. I mean, did Ms. Ross score that missed Canelo launch (in above Hogan photo) a scoring blow in her mind, and was that reflected on her card? For our sanity, for the good of the sport, to prove that we the people who follow it and trumpet it and make a living from it care about making it the best it can be, we need to know.

Bottom line, we need answers. We need progress. We need to work on the bad judge problem. We spin our wheels every few months shouting to the heavens about the problem. We need to FIX it. Before Teddy Atlas has an on-air aneurysm, we need to fix it. We need a blue ribbon panel, a white paper with suggestions for improvments, and a timeline to implement them. Everyone has to be on board with this, Showtime, HBO, Golden Boy, Arum, Mayweather, Pacquiao, the Nevada Commission, the NY Commission,,, everyone.

I mean really, when does enough is enough kick in?

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