Mayweather (150.5) and Canelo (152) Make Weight

More people attended the weigh in for Saturday’s megafight between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez than convene for the vast majority of fight cards which take place. The people gathered at the MGM Grand Garden Arena wanted to taste the atmosphere, and many of the hardcore boxing-heads also were curious if Alvarez would indeed make the contracted for weight, 152 pounds or less.

He did; the 23-year-old Mexican weighed 152, while Mayweather’s reading was 150 1/2 pounds.

Perhaps the main takeaway was that Canelo didn’t seem the slightest bit awed by the hubbub. He strolled from backstage to the stage, grinning at times, soaking in the scene. On stage, he made weight, and didn’t look too gaunt, or skeletal, even if his body fat level does seem quite minimal. Mayweather seemed maybe a bit surprised when after the weights were called out, he offered Canelo to put his hand on the green WBC belt (as seen above, in Tom Casino-Showtime photo), as a prop for photogs and Canelo blew off the offer, as if to say, I will put my hands on the belt at the proper time i.e. after I beat you, after I wrest it from you.

Jim Gray spoke to Floyd after. Floyd said the weigh in was the biggest weigh in of all time. He said he will relax and watch some football. He thanked the canelo fans, and his fans, for coming. “We’re looking to break the record,” he said.

To Canelo, Gray asked what Floyd was saying to him during the weigh in. Floyd was talking more so to his trainer, and of hard work, Canelo said. Was making 152 hard? He said that he reached it today, and knew he would. Are you ready? “I was born ready,” he said in English, after speaking in Spanish.

For the much anticipated 140 pound showdown, Danny Garcia, the titleholder, was 140.5 pounds, then stepped back on, and without shedding his drawers, was 140.To Jim Gray, he said he was “on earlier,” and he just needed people to move away from the scale, and voila.

Challenger Lucas Matthysse was 140 pounds. He said he hasn’t been bothered by Angel Garcia’s trash talk, as he doesn’t know English.

Who asked for, or offered that 152 concession, for Canelo to carve off an extra to pounds, has been debated for months. Did Team Canelo overplay their hand, and offer that as a lure to snag the gig? Or did Team Mayweather demand the two-pound concession, and then play it off as a Team Canelo misstep? That mystery will likely not be solved, as both sides stick to their version of the truth.

Estimates were between 10 and 15,000 people who packed into the MGM to see the men stripped to their skivvies and step on he scale. The official tally was 12,200, for the record. Some of them started lining up at midnight on Thursday to get in.

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-Grimm :

Questions have surrounded Canelos strategy of gradually cutting weight over an extended period. My experience is that it's the way to do it. I've had to cut a lot of weight for the two-three remaining days up to a fight, sitting in a sauna on a bicycle the day of the weigh-in: could've taken the nickname Walking Starvation. Essentially, it's the consequence of poor planning in camp, and reverse: a fighter who steadily gets closer to the targeted weight, can be calm and keep concentrating on the work at hand. Nothing good comes with losing alot of weight close to fight-night. Canelo comes in good shape, will show stamina and be faster than expected. If it's enough is another matter. Talking is over. Let the battles commence.

-amayseng :

good news, glad to hear it Grimm.. lets hope his genetics handle it well. at 23 i was initially thinking that if he was at 158 and just had to shed water weight the day before the weigh in he could rehydrate back up safely. lets just hope this is how he has been cutting weight in the past so its not a shock on his system. just rewatched the lopez fight and he fought a busy fight each round, lets hope he portrays that same energy

-Hop :

What a dumb idea the catchweight was. Talk about unnecessary. Only made Team Mayweather look unsure, fearful, and manipulative -- because that's what they were. All Floyd's men did for him was to take a few specks of glitter off his victory -- and show that he's not as confident inside as his talk is outside. Never did I think the two contested pounds were worth the bad pub, but genius Leonard Ellerbe thought he was being clever like a fox (eye-roll).