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004 Floyd MayweatherIn the third episode of Showtime's “All Access,” Mayweather advisor Leonard Ellerbe taunted Team Canelo, boasting that they handed Floyd a freebie, agreeing to a catchweight of 152 pounds without Mayweather seeking it.

That row continued somewhat in the final ep, episode four, which unfolded on Showtime at 8:30 PM ET Wednesday evening. But first we saw Floyd cashing out some chips, $473,000 and change, which was handed to a lackey, and stuffed in a valise. “The package has been delivered, baby,” says the fighter, happily, when the stacks were handed over.

It is fight week, and we see Floyd doing a shopping jag with some of his crew. He chows some fast food after the spree, hops into a luxury ride, while punters gawk.

Also in Vegas, Canelo trains. Chepo Reynoso, his trainer, says camp was executed perfectly. The fighter says he wants to fight already. Hollywood director Peter Berg checks in, and it is clear he's rooting for the Mexican to win The One. Berg, you might recall, is good pals with Freddie Roach, NOT a Floyd fan, either.

Canelo's last bout, against Austin Trout, is examined. The Mexican got it done in Texas, at the Alamodome, and we see his one-two dropping the New Mexico resident, the first time Trout had been dropped. We see Canelo's defensive prowess in the late innings, and the new 154 pound champ crowned.

Back to the Money Man. They have a bowling night, Mayweather Promotions vs. The Money. I admit, I am not clear who is on which squad. Floyd, in his mellow voice which kicks in fight week, when he conserves energy, presides over the event, directing the bowlers.

Invites for an appreciation party are handed out. Then Floyd waves an article which said Canelo was ready to drop under 154 pounds to get the fight made. “We set you up, his team was a dumb team,” he said. Floyd says he and his team are smart, and pick foes wisely. Floyd says he's a master at putting future foes on his undercards, making them look better than they all, to build them up, so he can knock them down, and make a pretty penny doing so.

He says Canelo hasn't eaten in a few days, and is wearing plastic to carve down. Canelo is then seen ranting about the catchweight issue. “If he's going to dish it out he better take it to,” he says.

Canelo does his seven day weigh in, and he's supposed to be under 159; he's 157.4, according to the WBC doc. He says the weight is no issue, but then again, would you expect him to admit it was if it was hampering him? That is something that could come up postfight, if Canelo underperforms, of course.

Next up, we see a common foe, Shane Mosley. Shane recalls that he rocked Floyd in round two when they faced off. “That almost ended things,” he says. Almost…Floyd got back in the flow, and got the W.

Shane says Floyd's a master, but Canelo is better than Money thinks. The Mexican's punches felt “pretty strong” and one body shot was “very painful.” He can hit hard but also box in slick fashion. If age is catching up with Floyd, it could be real interesting, because Canelo has been improving, Shane says in closing.

Next up, Floyd's workout is closed but the select few. Daughter Iyanna says it's getting near fight time, and dad gets quieter then.

Then, Floyd is asked about the Lucas Matthysse-Danny Garcia scrap. He says Mayweather Promotions wants to give good bang for the buck. We see highlights from each. “I think it's great for both fighters to be on this big a stage, so they can someday become pay per view stars,” Floyd says.

The appreciation party is viewed. Drinking is done, dancing is done, smiles abound. Floyd Sr gets it done on the floor, and then Floyd takes a twirl.

Next, he chills, with Adrien Broner, and imparts wisdom.

Time for talk is near done, though, and we get closer to the time to put up. Who will be the one to get that L attached to their resume, we wonder? Three days to Fight Night, friends.

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