Looks Like Roy Jones-Bobby Gunn Could Happen

Bobby Gunn, the rugged journeyman who is one of the more effective self managers out there, having had success in the past nailing down good fights and paydays through his own efforts, might have landed another solid gig. The Jersey resident told TSS he heard Roy Jones say on a radio show that he’s keen to step in with the 39-year-old Gunn, who sports a 21-5-1 record.

Gunn has lost his last two, to Tomasz Adamek (in 2009) and James Toney (in April), but he thinks he can get off that slide and beat Jones, age 44, who has won his last two, after a three fight slide.

“I’ve literally been trying to get this for six weeks, texting back and forth with Roy Jones,” Gunn told me. “Out of all my fights this is my best shot if it happens.” Simultaneously, Gunn has been trying to ensnare Kimbo Slice, the former backyard barwler turner MMer turned pugilist, into a rumble.

“I putting pressure on Slice and his promoter Gary Shaw,” he said. “My cousin Tyson Fury I think would love this on his next undercard. Kimbo is ducking me. Even our backgrounds, we are both bare-knuckle kings, it’s a selling point and it would be a very exciting six round undercard feature.”

But Gunn is more than pleased to “settle” for a Jones fight. “On paper this is a sparring session for Jones,” he said, so he thinks Roy will be that much more likely to work to make the bout reality. “Roy wants to do it at the end of October or early November,” Gunn said.

David Feldman and Don Elbum would promote, with Jones, Gunn said, and Atlantic City could be the site.


-Radam G :

WOW! Gunn[less] cannot make up his mind. Will this be an October TRICK or TREAT fiasco, or a November turkeyfest? Wow! Holla!

-amayseng :

If Roy is gonna continue to fight I wish he'd get on jmm's peds and make a run if it. I mean by not. He's risking his life and brain every punch may as well up his abilities.

-brownsugar :

Why would anybody be concerned or take interest with what Roy does inside the ring? ..if he still has the urge to box then he should box within the privacy of his own gym or backyard with like minded friends and associates who wont hurt him. The world at large needs less.....not More of Roy Jones Jr on display, boxing in a sporting event. There is no demand or interest in North America to endure any further spectacles involving Roy Jones with boxing gloved on.

-Radam G :

B-Sug, that is just it. B Gunn want RJJ in a bare-knuckles turkeyfest -- not glovedfest I don't think. RJJ would glovedly kill B Gunn(less). Holla!

-brownsugar :

Thanks for bringing me up to speed RG.. I musta forgot. This wilder than any thing I could have imagined... extreme sports entertainment...blood money ...I'll have no part of it.

-Bernie Campbell :

De Dedee de de de dah dah dah dee dee dee da dum! Where have you gone Roy Jones, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you?, do doo do!