BROOKLYN (July 24, 2013) – Future Hall of Famer and IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins has aligned with Barclays Center to be a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ for the venue’s thriving Brooklyn Boxing™ platform powered by Golden Boy Promotions.

At 48 years old, Hopkins broke his own record by becoming the oldest fighter in boxing history to win a world title when he earned the IBF Light Heavyweight World Title in a decision against Tavoris Cloud at Barclays Center on March 9, 2013.

One of the most compelling figures in boxing history, Hopkins (53-6-2, 32 KO’s) will be visible and serve as a spokesperson for Brooklyn Boxing™ at select Barclays Center fights, whether on nights he is boxing or otherwise. He will also appear at various Barclays Center boxing press conferences and community boxing clinics in Brooklyn, and he may participate in several meet-and-greets with Barclays Center customers and at select Barclays Center business development meetings with potential partners.

Hopkins’ role with Barclays Center could extend to Nassau Coliseum on Long Island if the Barclays Center-led bid to renovate and operate the venue is chosen by Nassau County.

“Brooklyn is fast becoming the place for major boxing on the East Coast,” said Hopkins. “The events at Barclays Center have been outstanding and I’m excited to be part of its flourishing boxing program. I’m also thrilled that Barclays Center is planning to bring regular boxing events to Nassau Coliseum, which would be terrific for the fans of Long Island and great for boxing.”

“Bernard is a beloved legendary boxer and we are proud to have him represent our Brooklyn Boxing platform throughout the borough and the world of boxing,” said Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark. “Everyone who was at Barclays Center on March 9 will always remember the night Bernard made history and became one of Brooklyn’s own. We are looking forward to working with Golden Boy in having Bernard defend his title soon at Barclays Center. After four championship events, Barclays Center has become the heart of boxing on the East Coast and we are excited to join with Bernard to expand our fan base even further.”

Hopkins is the longest reigning middleweight champion ever with 20 successful title defenses over the course of his 10-year reign, including his historic victory against Felix “Tito” Trinidad to win the Middleweight World Championship Series on September 29, 2001.

About Barclays Center

Barclays Center opened on September 28, 2012, and is a major sports and entertainment venue in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Developed by Brooklyn-based real estate developer Forest City Ratner Companies, and designed by the award-winning architectural firms AECOM ( and SHoP Architects (, Barclays Center has one of the most intimate seating configurations ever designed into a modern multi-purpose arena, with unparalleled sightlines and first-class amenities. Barclays Center offers 17,732 seats for basketball, 14,500 seats for hockey and up to 19,000 seats for concerts, and has 101 luxury suites, four bars/lounges, four clubs, and 40/40 CLUB & Restaurant by American Express.

Barclays Center is hosting an extensive variety of events, including premier concerts, monthly major professional boxing cards, top college basketball, family shows, the Brooklyn Nets, and soon the New York Islanders.

In addition to Barclays, the naming rights partner, Founding Partners for Barclays Center include American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; American Express; Calvin Klein; Cushman & Wakefield; EmblemHealth; Foxwoods Resort Casino; GEICO; MetroPCS; Stolichnaya; and Ticketmaster. Other sponsors include: adidas, Anheuser-Busch, BlackBerry, The Coca-Cola Company, Haier America, High Point Solutions, JetBlue, LIU Brooklyn, New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, SONY, and Willis.

Located atop one of the largest transportation hubs in New York City, Barclays Center is accessible by 11 subway lines, the Long Island Rail Road, and 11 bus lines.

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-Radam G :

Well deserved for B-Hop. Dude is three times a legend. Holla!

-Bernie Campbell :

Maybe Hopkins can give attention to HBO's lobby efforts to legalize cannabis in the land! Shine light on idiot Bob Arum too! Go ahead Bernard talk about the post fight interview you had with Kellerman after the Cloud fight and how they censored your sh.. about kids staying away from smoke!

-deepwater :

what a small world , I go to lunch the same time the deal was made over awesome chicken sandwiches at the chefs corner. the chefs corner is my daily spot for lunch and on that day these people clogged the whole place up. The two groups met at Chef?s Corner in Mineola, cementing the partnership, which will keep Forest City Ratner?s proposal for redevelopment completely intact. Nassau coliseum was going to the MSG group for sure until ed jumped in with the Barclay group. Barclay's got the coliseum deal. Syosset developer Ed Blumenfeld, who missed becoming a finalist to overhaul the Nassau Coliseum, has joined developer Bruce Ratner to compete with the Madison Square Garden Co. for the multimillion-dollar project. Ratner, executive chairman of Forest City Ratner Cos., said Wednesday that Blumenfeld, president of the Blumenfeld Development Group, would help develop the project's retail and restaurant components. They provided few specifics about their partnership.

-brownsugar :

Hopkins is a prime example of what consistency, high standards and a good work ethic can do for you... This the man whom the warden said would be a repeat offender. Why not legalize weed....? The cost of legalizing weed (especially domestically grown) would stop the flow of the trillions of anti-drug dollars fllowing into the pockets ofDEA agents, politicians..the burgeoning Prison Industry (and its constituents) for housing the hapless potheads who couldn't ditch his dooby fast enough while funneling money back into program that achieve results and benefit education...and medical fringe benefit would be ending the lethal drug wars between the gangs fighting for territory. Personally I don't care for it...but the benefits of decriminalizing it rather than demonizing it produces instant rewards... Anyway gotta go...tonight is church night.

-amayseng :

Fantastic news. Why is this mans story not all over espn? He is a role model in many many ways. A clean athlete. An honorable athlete. One who showed life is tough and even with making mistakes a young man can always turn his life around. It's a crime this man doesn't receive the attention he deserves.

-Bernie Campbell :

Surely you jest Brownsugar! 25% of the country is sedated on this crap that leaves the country paralyzed! It was originally used as an element by the powers that be in certain areas to control the challenge of the status quo! It still does to a certain extent! As far as all those idiots incarcerated, their given a number of chances from jump street! They wanna break the law, I don't pity! Theres other fish to fry besides that sh. that Im concerned with! Its like me going through a red light and Im drunk! I get jail time! Even if I didn't hurt anybody, nobodys gonna feel sorry for me! And rightly so! Hopkins isn't anybodys fool, he knows how the practice of that stuff can and will compromise his community! It impedes excellence! It has caused devastation! If they ever legalized that substance wed all go to hell in a handbasket! Yo Brownsugar, Whaddya think a contact high really is?

-brownsugar :

Thanks for the comments Bernie. .... When the Government tried to make America's favorite drug illegal during prohibition it gave rise to the golden era of gangsters who became mega rich peddling booze by the truckload to eager customers who had the same accessibility to alcohol as they did before it was banned. The only difference was the sale of illegal liquor wasn't contributing any tax revenue... and people were getting poisoned because there was no regulatory agency insuring the quality of the product. You say marijuana is illegal ?? But everybody and anybody who wants access to the illegal hemp plant can get there hands on as much as they can afford just by making a phone call. While the profit becomes non-taxable blood money which fuels a never ending war between competing Cartels who have amassed enough wealth to battle law enforcement agencies and entire national armies...(and I'm not even talking about hard drugs). The United States has the largest Penitentiary System in the world....while supposedly being the most advanced country in the World because we house millions of petty offenders whose only threat to society is cleaning out the inventory at late night donut shops and fast food facilities. It

-Bernie Campbell :

Marijuana is a spiritual enhacer! And living in a non-perfect world causes people to be easily misdirected! Spiritually! The awareness aspect of the drug is usually exaggerated or minimized! Reality and truth are not relative! The ambiguousness of perception influenced by cannabis is fundamental and can be considered at times dangerous! Alcohol is a depressant! It may influence or exacerbate mood! But does not allude to reality testing as does Marijuana! Not to mention gross reactions in the form of intense and acute paranoia! I can watch illegal triple x porn anytime I want, but if its on Network television as often as Seinfeld reruns, I don't think that would be beneficial to society as a whole! Im not only talking about the people working or pilfering in doughnut shops, Im also concerned about people in more responsible positions that should be accountable as users who retain a misdirected spirit such as Medical personnel, Layers, television producers, Politicians, Police and Fire Personel, Military people, Writers, Clergymen and Sports figures! If you ask me send them all to Devils Island! As it said in this case! Those who have been given more are expected of more!

-brownsugar :

Bernie I'm not sure about the spirit enhancing part but tobacco gets the top spot for cause of death in this country eclipsing all other causes and statistically speaking alcohol is far more deadly and harmful than marijuana. Alcohol is directly linked to cardiovascular disease, weight gain, brain damage (especially in the developing brains of younger people) addition to being an extremely addictive substance...Marijuana was banned in the early 1920's after being demonized by Judge Emily Murphy who campaigned nonstop and wrote a book called "black candle" which lumped weed in with opium dens and heroin use. Later Reefer Madness was released under the title " tell your children"... furthermore Alcohol is consistently linked to crimes like assault and battery..rape, suicide and murder...the money saved by decriminalizing weed would put literally trillions of dollars back into the economy...I'm just saying (and personally I hate the stuff)

-Carmine Cas :

Congratulations Nard you deserve it! ****** Ed Blumenfeld he's a grumpy old pr*ck. I am all for the legalization of mj, the tax revenue generated would greatly serve our economy. However lawmakers in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies will not budge, because it's okay to prescribe oxycodone, perks, vic's etc which can lead to dangerous addictions but pot is illegal. Not to mention alcohol yields far worse effects as indicated above. Ah the power of the dollar has our hands tied

-amayseng :

That's a good point. On one hand I feel the legalization of mj would result in a lazy incompetent age group of 18-26 year olds. However they are lazy anyways. More importantly one could just walk into a drs office and pay 5 copay for some oxy or Xanax or vikadens. If there is a will there will be a way. I don't touch it but I can see how it can be taxed usefully. **** cigarettes should be illegal then.