Edwin Rodriguez, Kell Brook Get Wins on Saturday

Edwin Rodriguez gave his career a nice little shot of octane, as he assaulted Denis Grachev in round one on Saturday night in Monte Carlo, in the Monte Carlo Million Dollar Super Four Final.

The 24-0 Massachusetts boxer may not have elevated himself to where there will be a persistent call for him to meet Andre Ward, but he opened eyes more than ever before. The 15-1 Russian went down, after eating a bunch of long, hard blows, at 2:18 of the first. E-Rod looked sharp as hell, and heavy handed at the super middleweight-plus class. A left hook, after a series of hard scoring blows, had the Russian down again, with less than a minute in the period. The ref could have stopped it then, as Grachev looked pretty out of it. But the fight continued, Grachev continued to take punishment, and when he listed onto the ropes, the referee ended it, with ten seconds remaining.

E-Rod impressed by landing power shots from a distance, placing power punches with precision to head and body while staying out of range of a counter. It looks like the kid may have taken a noticeable leap in class after the latest camp with Ronnie Shields. I think it’s a pick em fight if he were to meet, say, WBC super middle champion Sakio Bika.

Kell Brook has had fights galore fall through recently, but he cheered himself up Saturday in Yorkshire, England with a TKO8 stoppage win over Carson Jones, in a rematch of their July 2012 contest. In that faceoff, Brook won by majority decision. This time, though, Brook, age 27, made sure the judges would be rendered null.

No, it wasn’t a win over the man he’d been slated to fight three times, Devon Alexander, before injuries messed up those appearances, but on this night, Brook was on message and in fine form. He snapped the jab in this catchweight (152 or less) contest. Brook went to 30-0 while Jones slipped to 35-9-3.

The 26-year-old is 1-2-1 in his last four. It must be said, the stoppage screamed somewhat iffy, as Jones was on his feet, defending himself semi-capably, and protested vehemently, with clear faculties and voice, when the ref hopped in. But he was eating clean shots, and the ref was right there, assessing the loser. So, perhaps better safe than sorry.



-brownsugar :

I was once big on Brooks until I saw how he struggled with the not so highly rated Jones in there fisrt fight. The fact that Brooks had to compete at a catch weight of 152 lbs makes me even more leary of his chances to win a Title at 147.

-brownsugar :

Please take the title from Bika ....having to watch Bika box twice within a 6 month period is two times to many. Then go for Ward while the rust is getting thicker than Monsanto's GMO troubles........what say you Ali?

-the Roast :

Missed the Brook fight but I did see Rodriguez win big. Christodoulo let the fight go way too long. Coming from me that says alot. I started having Pryor-Arguello flashbacks for Christ sakes.

-amayseng :

Edwin looked sharp for sure. He has heavy hands and throws his shots correctly following throw the target for full force. He beats Bika I agree.

-Carmine Cas :

I'd like to see E-Rod fight Bika, maybe he could stop him

-Bernie Campbell :

Rodriguez looked good, showed power for a change, fights with Bika , Bika, and Froch in order! It was nice seeing Grace Kelly's son endourse the bout in Monaco!

-Bernie Campbell :

Brook fought very balanced, and accurate punches! The friggun American Boxing Writers do not give these Russian and European fighters no attention! Its like their protecting their turf! That's a sign to me that America is not even gonna compete fairly on a world level anymore! Consider the Olympic team!

-Carmine Cas :

E-Rod looked crisp, I like how he varied his right hand from overhand to looping to the body, he didn't really throw a straight though lol and the left hook to body look good descent as well. It all kept Grachev guessing in retreat. The ref dropped the ball, Grachev was looking at his corner for help