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Garcia Lopez weighin 130614 001aOf all the fighters who you thought would have an issue on the scale, did you ever think MIKEY GARCIA would have a scail fail? Well, the impossible happened today, as Garcia, of the Fighting Garcia family, drew gasps when the scale read 128 pounds the day before his scheduled featherweight title defense against Juan Manuel Lopez (above right, with Mikey, in Chris farina-Top Rank photo), at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, and on HBO.

Garcia had two hours to get to 126, but wouldn't try and do the cut…so a cut was taken out of his check. He handed over six figures to Team JuanMa, to even the playing field. JuanMa can win the WBO featherweight pound crown Garcia held, and if Mikey wins, the title is vacant. JuanMa was 125 1/4.

Readers, your thoughts on the matter? One trainer I talked to blamed the spate of scale fails on the presence of strength and conditioning coaches, because power is taken from the trainer, who now isn't overseeing all aspects of training camp.


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