Murat Visa Denied, July 13 Fight With Hopkins Is OFF

BROOKLYN, (June 14, 2013) – Due to number two rated IBF Light Heavyweight Contender Karo Murat being declared ineligible to receive a visa by the United States Department of State, and his subsequent inability to enter the United States, his scheduled July 13 fight against IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion Bernard Hopkins at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York slated to air on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING has been cancelled along with the entire event

“This is an extremely disappointing development as we were anticipating Bernard making history once again on July 13 at Barclays Center,” said Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer. “Since the administrative process that would have to be undertaken in order for Murat’s visa petition to be reconsidered takes longer than six months, we’re exploring several options with respect to Bernard’s next fight.”

“I’m extremely disappointed about the fight being cancelled,” said Hopkins. “I was already in the gym, sparring and preparing for the fight, but things happen. I know Richard Schaefer and the staff at Golden Boy Promotions are already working on something bigger and better. I stay in shape so being ready is never a problem and I look forward to whatever fight is made for me in the near future.”

Karo Murat, speaking from his training camp in Mallorca, Spain stated, “Obviously I’m very disappointed as I have been in training for almost three months now, but I understand that my promoter’s representative, Chris Meyer, is in talks with Richard Schaefer to discuss possible alternatives.”

“We are obviously disappointed, as we expected an exciting fight and a big crowd,” said CEO of Barclays Center Brett Yormark. “However, we look forward to working with Golden Boy Promotions to bring future championship bouts to Barclays Center as we continue to become the center of boxing on the East Coast.”

Tickets refunds will be available at the original point of purchase.



-deepwater :

The numbers were going to be way down. No one in NY cares about Murat. The visa issue doesn't exist. Stevenson might be up next. Bernard doesn't have the drawing power he should, he needs a name to go up against to bring in some $. it is what it is.

-Radam G :

Ditto Deepwater! There was no visa problem. It is clearly a drawing-butts-in-those-seats issue. Shamefully B-Hop -- with all his skills and the witty-worded trainer Genie Naazim sidekicking for him -- cannot draw flies to a syetfest. That's life. Oftentimes, you have to pay a price for being the best. And put up with all the strife. Holla!

-amayseng :

Hopkins vs Stevenson sept. Take that belt bhop

-Bernie Campbell :

If they were really serious about this fight didn't Murats people do their homework? Its ludicrous with big money on the line and you neglect a technicality like this! Something really is fishy! Hopkins people should bring in Daniel Eduorde, he probably could do the same task for less money!

-kidcanvas :

no problem waving a wand and letting 50,000,000 Illegals leech off the system but murat is denied a visa, lol what a fucking joke

-Radam G :

Sounds like the U.S. government. WTF! Now that is the biggest "illegal...leech off the system." Besides don't believe the hype. A-working-to-make-money Murat was not disallowed a visa. The liars that be claimed that because a bout with he and B-Hop wouldn't draw flies and dey maggots to a stinkfest with a ton of pussing diseases. You are dealing with trick of the trade of seedy pugilism. Believe nothing that you read, and an iota of what you see, until empirical verification. Da double fudge optical illusions are every where. Holla!