Chad Dawson: “My Power Is Back”
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GaryShawProductionsNEW YORK, June 3, 2013 – Light Heavyweight kingpin Chad Dawson (31-2, 17 KOs) is ready to go on the road once again and defend his WBC title against top contender and dangerous power puncher Adonis Stevenson (20-1, 17 KOs) in Stevenson's backyard of Canada at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The 12-round championship showdown is scheduled to take place Saturday, June 8th on HBO Boxing After Dark as part of a doubleheader featuring Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Darley Perez as the co-main event. The HBO telecast will begin at 10:00 p.m. (live ET/tape-delayed PT).

Dawson is a throwback fighter who is willing to give advantages to his opponents in order to make the best fights possible. This will be his third time going to Canada to meet an opponent on his home turf, the first time was back in August of 2010 against Jean Pascal and then again in May of 2011 against Adrian Diaconu. Now Dawson will fight Stevenson, who's originally from Haiti, and makes no excuses for traveling to hostile territory.

“I expect the crowd to be against me, but I'm not worried about that because I know that I can win them over with my performance,” said Dawson. “Stevenson is a worthy opponent but he's not on my level. I've fought and won over there before so I hope he's not banking on home field advantage because it's going to take a whole lot more to beat me. Once again I'm going to fight in someone's backyard and I'm fully confident I'll come out victorious.”

“I'm grateful to my promoter Gary Shaw and HBO for giving me this opportunity. Now that I'm back at Light Heavyweight I'm going to get back to dominating the division.” Dawson continued.

The Andre Ward fight in Oakland was Dawson's last outing and he not only fought in Ward's home town, but he also came down in weight. He fought Ward at Ward's weight class of 168 lbs, a move that proved to be Dawson's downfall. However, Dawson is back at his natural weight of 175 lbs, the weight class in which Dawson reigns as the lineal champion.

With Dawson back at his real weight, he insists that he feels stronger and his training camp is operating on a much higher efficiency level.

“No excuses in my last fight, we'll just say that I'm a different fighter when I'm at 175 lbs. I can say with absolute confidence that my power is back, and not just my power but my strength as well. It's like I'm stronger in every aspect and it is playing a huge roll in training camp. I'm strong enough to push myself more miles, strong enough to go more rounds, and I'm stronger at the end of my workouts.” Dawson said.

Gary Shaw Productions knows Dawson-Stevenson is a top quality main event and the fans will be witnessing a great night of boxing.

“This is Chad's return to his rightful thrown at 175 lbs and he is fighting the most dangerous opponent available. Stevenson has been avoided by all the top guys and he is more dangerous with one punch than most guys throwing ten. On top of it all, he's going to Canada because he is a true warrior willing to prove time and time again why he is top dog at light heavyweight. HBO has been doing a great job televising meaningful fights in boxing, of course the lineal light heavyweight title falls under that umbrella. Everyone watching will get to see two warriors giving it their all to come out on top. This makes for a great night of boxing.” Shaw said.

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Radam G

Talk is cheat! And that jive you can beat. And power is not a tower! It all about the heart. And from your significant other, knowing when to stay apart. No sacrifice, every time your arse will crack like hammered ice. There are no two ways about it. Be real with yourself and halt the bullsyet! You are in the sweet science, not the sweet myth. That is big -screen syet. Holla!


I think draining down to 168 was very unhealthy and it showed. Ward may be better in all aspects but chad was not even close to himself. Expect the same results with Canelo.


yeah but his trainer Scully is gone. And his trainer before that, and Floyd Mayweather Sr before that, and the trainer before that,and Scully again. It goes on and on.


I think draining down to 168 was very unhealthy and it showed. Ward may be better in all aspects but chad was not even close to himself Expect the same results with Canelo.
The Gingerbread man better spend up to $100,000 on a damn doctor to monitor him this camp, and as soon as he is off the scale he better run to the back room and get an iv fluid and salts and minerals into him. He better get a massage after the fluids are in him and have that person rub all those muscles out and get all the fluid where it needs to be. while the iv is in him he better go to sleep and rest. when he gets to the arena on fight night the first thing he should do is take a nap and rest.all that nervous energy before the fight takes its toll.

Radam G

You are right, amayseng. But Canelo has a food addiction. He shouldn't be so heavyset. Dude looks like a red-colored husky ready to pull a shed, instead of a pugilist ready to try to whup a superfast @ss and head. A change of diet would naturally put Canelo at about 155lbs walk-around weight. He's talking about how he is going to Money May's body. But I'd not be surprised to see Money May stop him with a hook to the liver or anywhere in dat soft gut. Holla!


Canelo put down the steak and potatoes!!!!! Grill up some fish and rice with fruit and veggies. You'd think Canelo would have the best advisors at this point. In fact if I was him I'd call Hopkins and ask what his advise is. Not kidding. Deep u are right about prefight or pregame rest I was able to shut myself down for a good 60-90 mins before a game and just reserve tat energy and those nerves and adrenaline. I'm trying to teach my son as well.


Dawson has never been known for his power so I dont know why he's even bringing that up. He should just do what he does best and that's box.

Carmine Cas

If Ward and Dawson fight at 175 the result would be similar, yes I believe the weight cutting drained him but mental strength I think Dawson is lacking. I respect him for wanting to fight the best and I think he's an excellent boxer, hopefully he doesn't get caught by Stevenson. If Canelo's team was smart, they'd have start cutting now so he gets used to the lower weight ASAP


I think ward beats chad 10-10 times at their natural weights. However chad looked like crap. Clearly draining down to 168 was physically unhealthy. He's the champion at 175 and looked like he didn't Stand a chance.


I think ward beats chad 10-10 times at their natural weights. However chad looked like crap. Clearly draining down to 168 was physically unhealthy. He's the champion at 175 and looked like he didn't Stand a chance.
This will be the first and last time I will be rooting for really bad chad. Stevenson was pimping and threatening 16 year old girls and got a conviction.

Radam G

Wow! Hopefully SuperBad Chad can whup this sicko lad. I have absolutely no sympathy for a picking-on-the-dames-damsels-and-dolls PUNK-arse knucklehead! The sucka is better off being the love toy of Big Bubba and Lil' Junebug in a heated jailhouse shed. Hehehe! Holla!