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tss fight reportGiving the naysayers the middle finger, Shane Mosley, who turns 42 in September, showed that he has something left to give the sport, as he took a 115-113 x 3 win over Pablo Cano, aged 23, in Cancun on Saturday night.

Mosley and Cano were both buzzed a few times, and it looked like Mosley would maybe get stopped in the ninth. But he held on, and surprisingly, his legs showed some bounce and he had Cano backing up for much of the rest of the way.

Mosley went to 47-8-1 and won a WBC International welter title. Cano dropped to 26-3-1.

Many hammered Mosley for gloving up, and thought he should have stuck with the retirement he announced after losing to Canelo Alvarez on May 5, 2012. My stance is that he is living his one life, and I have seen boxers who have dropped off much more than he continue to play their trade. He told people that he'd been fighting with too many injuries, and now that he was healed up, things would go better.

He was asked after if he wanted another crack at Canelo, and he said that Canelo is a 154 now, and he's not.

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