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Mayweather Guerrero weigh-inFloyd Mayweather and Robert Guerrero both made weight on Friday, ahead of their Saturday clash at the MGM in Las Vegas, and on Showtime PPV.

The 36-year-old Mayweather was 146 pounds, while the 30-year-old Guerrero was 147 pounds.

Floyd made 154, hitting 151, for his last fight against Miguel Cotto, but as fight fans know, he never blows up in between fights. And even though he admits to a fondness for junk food, there was no scale fail on Friday.

Mayweather entered the building and gestured at a camera to get out of his face, as he moved through the arena.

The two principals, who will vie for Mayweather's welterweight title, posed for photogs during a staredown. Would Floyd try to exert his will on Ghost early, by grabbing his neck, as he did Ortiz? No, it turns out; they stared at each other, and Floyd didn't chatter at all, but chewed gum furiously.

Jim Gray spoke to Floyd after. He said the audience, the fans were great. “We're ready to fight,” he said. Floyd said he would be victorious tomorrow. “I always control the tempo, my thing out there is go out and be me,” he said.

Gray spoke to Ghost. Was he intimidated? “I'm thinking about getting down, it's time to rock and roll. Nobody intimidated me,” he said. “We gotta beat him down, we're gonna take full advantage of him.”


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