HBO Will Show Froch-Kessler II and Pascal-Bute on May 25

Fight fans, here’s something to look forward on an upcoming holiday weekend. HBO has a day-night doubleheader planned for Saturday, May 25,  of Memorial Day weekend.

At 6:30 p.m., HBO will have live coverage of Froch vs. Kessler II from the O2 Arena in London.

Then at 10:00 p.m., following a replay of Froch vs. Kessler II, HBO will air live the Jean Pascal vs. Lucian Bute light heavyweight battle from the Bell Centre in Montreal.



-ali :

Im rooting for Froch in this one..

-Grimm :

Kessler - slightly better, slightly weaker - will probably give Froch a tough & even fight, but loose by points with a hair or two, given the location of the fight. Sidestory: Kessler is like royalty in Denmark. When he fought Calzaghe, an estimated 75% of the danes watched it on TV. No kidding, simply incredible numbers. Both guys are real characters. It won't be high-tech-boxing, but it will be fun.

-deepwater :

Looking forward to both fights . Each fight has its own interesting story behind it. Rematch in London , a lot of people thought it was even fight first time around. Froch learned a lot from the ward fight. He learned how to impose his will intelligently and take it out of the judges hands . Evidence supports that because look how dirrell ran and out hustled froch ,Taylor outsped him also. He can't go punch with punch with a speedy boxer because he can't keep up. Ward power boxed him and moved his head perfectly. Froch swung at air on his Back foot all night instead of being on the front foot throwing power counter punches. He adjusted after ward with bute win as the greatest example. He was very nice to Johnson and let him finish but he was real mean and ko 3'd the tough guy whose name I can't think of at the moment . Pascal bute is bragging rights for an entire country ,Canada . Pascal has been in real tough lately,plus he is branching out to mayweather Vegas gym,which might be good or bad but probably real good based on sparring .bute needs redemption. Money on pascal. Pascal is hot. Bute is kinda overrated ( Andrade had him) .bute is gonna try and be a master boxer, a counter to master boxing is very aggressive counter punching ala pascal. Froch pascal reverse . Froch by ko. Pascal by tko or dec .

-the Roast :

Both fights should be good. I'm leaning toward Froch and Pascal.