Arum On Why Donaire-Mares Didn't Happen

toprank,bob arum, abner mares, golden boy, richard schaefer, nonito donaireBob Arum talked to TSS about why, in his eyes, we haven't seen and perhaps aren't likely to see a showdown between Nonito Donaire, his guy, and Abner Mares, who fights for Top Rank.

Mares is an excellent fighter, he said today at Madison Square Garden for the final Donaire-Rigondeaux presser, and his manager, Frank Espinoza, is a cool guy. Arum said he offered Mares “three times” what he's been making for recent fights, over a million dollars, and Espinoza was keen to take it but Richard Schaefer nixed it. Arum explained that it only makes sense for that bout to land on HBO, since HBO put Donaire on four times in 2012, and that platform helped him win BWAA fighter of the year. “It's appropriate for Mares to come to HBO,” he said. Now, as we know, that offer was made two months ago, before HBO said they wouldn't buy Golden Boy fights, so I'd guess the fight is even less likely to occur moving forward.

Arum said he didn't ask for any options on Mares. “That would be wrong,” he said. “But if Mares wins, he can go back and fight on Showtime. The manager said yes.” Arum said he thought he could figure this out, even though he knows we are all living in a brand new world, with promoters warring and networks feuding, but no.

I have a call in to Schaefer, seeking comment if he cares to counter or clarify his stance or recollection.

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-deepwater :

ah who cares. bob(marley) arum smokes alot of weed. lol

-ali :

Bob is full of sh!t!!

-riverside :

seriously, he said/ she said. Can't believe anything that comes out of Arum or DLH. need to see hard deeds,both promoters need to make things happen.

-brownsugar :

seriously, he said/ she said. Can't believe anything that comes out of Arum or DLH. need to see hard deeds,both promoters need to make things happen.
you heard the man.

-dino da vinci :

@Ali. Actually, ahh no. Millions of years ago before I met most of the key players in the sport I had a long discussion on the state of the sport with a gentleman who did a lot of business with both King and Arum. All these years later all I remember from that banter was, "personally, I don't care much for either one of them. With King, he's liable to tell you anything and pay you anything regardless what was agreed to. With Arum, he can be nasty in negations, but lives up to everything he promises. I must add that I found Bob Arum to be the same way. (Although I never saw any of the nastiness). And I must add that I know of no one with anything bad to say coming from people negotiating with Top Rank. And as it concerns us, you can't find a more miserable lot of people, the people that make up the fight game. But I mean that in a nice way.

-TioMamoy13 :

Top rank, for the exception of donaire, really does not have many superstars left..Marquez not having many fights left. At one point nonito tried to even jump ship to gb

-TioMamoy13 :

Top rank is dying

-dino da vinci :

@T. It's not so much that they're dying as much as the bull run may be over. The Pac Express was in the process of derailing long before the right hand. Crazy thing is he was just about to take complete control when it went dark. No one's ever made any money betting against TR. The guy at the helm is capable of hopping on a SpaceX Transporter with Elon Musk acting as his personal pilot and coming back with an intergalactic bantamweight-eating creature. The old goat is one savvy fella. Do not, repeat, DO NOT bet against that organization.

-TioMamoy13 :

@dino I'm surprised they are still around, honestly. Zou may be there future but now with PAC getting KTFO so bad that its been a pastime to create pics of him on IG and FB and the fact that nonito was out boxed and exposed..may mean their demise. If arum steps down, I don't see it self sustaining.