“You have the biggest athlete in the world, the highest paid, acting a fool.” – Robert Guerrero

“For him to speak on anything about me or about my life, first accomplish what I have accomplished.” – Floyd Mayweather

NEW YORK(April 9, 2013) — Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, SHOWTIME Sports debuts the first episode of the highly anticipated documentary series ALL ACCESS: MAYWEATHER vs. GUERRERO in the lead-up to the SHOWTIME PPV® presentation of MAY DAY: the mega-event headlined by boxing’s No. 1 pound-for-pound titlist Floyd “Money” Mayweather in his welterweight world championship defense against Six-Time and Four-Division World Champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero.

Multi-Grammy award winning musician, noted actor, author, activist and longtime sports fan COMMON has signed on to narrate the five-part series. COMMON lends his smooth and poetic voice to SHOWTIME for the first time. Best known for his recent roles in JUST WRIGHT, AMERICAN GANGSTER, DATE NIGHT and the AMC series “Hell on Wheels,” COMMON will soon be seen in the film NOW YOU SEE ME.

ALL ACCESS: Mayweather vs. Guerrero Episode Clip

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The series, known for taking viewers into the dramatic and unpredictable world of prize fighting, will explore the life of Floyd Mayweather from his humble beginnings in Grand Rapids, Mich., to the height of success at the pinnacle of the sport.

Inside his training camp, Mayweather addresses the turbulent family dynamic that has shaped his character. “I just happen to have two of the best trainers in the world in my family,” says Mayweather of his father, Floyd, Sr., and his uncle Roger Mayweather, who are working side-by-side in the gym. “We should work together as one. I feel that we are stronger together than apart.”

The series introduces fans to Robert Guerrero, the man who plans to be the first to defeat Mayweather. Hailing from a drastically different background, ALL ACCESS acquaints viewers with Guerrero’s story of triumph, tragedy and his insatiable will to believe. Guerrero speaks about his mission of ministry and the opportunity to use this platform to speak to millions of people the world over. “I try to take every opportunity I have to do something good. To inspire people. I work hard. I train hard. I give it all I’ve got because I know the Lord has blessed me with a tremendous talent. I have to be a shining light with that talent.”

Witness the fighters prepare in their own ways, in their own words, for boxing’s biggest event of the year. From their heated first encounter at the SHOWTIME PPV commercial shoot, to the grueling days of training camp, to Guerrero’s East Coast media tour that ended in controversy, ALL ACCESS: MAYWEATHER vs. GUERRERO is there for it all.

Renowned documentarian Ross Greenburg serves as an executive producer on the series. New episodes debut every Wednesday through May 1 on SHOWTIME, with encore presentations airing on CBS SPORTS NETWORK.

ALL ACCESS Epilogue, which will spotlight the intensity of fight week, taking viewers inside the ropes on fight night and into the rarely seen, uncelebrated aftermath of world championship boxing, will premiere on Saturday, May 18 at 9p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

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-Radam G :

Thanks for the warning -- I mean heads up! Holla!

-ali :

Now this might be pretty good..

-SouthPaul :

I'll have my ears open mostly for Common. A good narrator is most important. IMO, Liev Schreiber is the best of the best, he definitely took 24/7 to another level. Had enjoyed his narrating work long before that too (does a lot stuff for History Channel).

-amayseng :

Liev is fantastic. I'm a big fan of Common as well. He is well versed and will do an excellent job. A Floyd documentary NO thanks. A Floyd training camp all access yes please. This is where Floyd shines, no not by failing at being funny but by showing his perfectionist character in training and preparation. Don't gloat Floyd, just show the world how hard u work and what it takes to be a champion.

-SouthPaul :

Just caught the last 15 minutes of it. Narrating was solid but nothing overly impressive . Floyd sounded nasally, bit congested . Possible cold?

-Radam G :

And the Cali Humbug Ghost sounded full of'syet and fake machiso. I'll not be surprised to see his Jesus-is-on-my-side @ss go down by kayo. Terrible all access. HBO 24/7 was more thrilling. No hate! But Showtime All Access is illing. Holla!