danny garcia, angel garcia, zab judahDanny Garcia & Angel Garcia Philadelphia Media Workout Quotes & Photos

danny garcia, angel garcia, zab judah

Photo Credit: Tom Casino/SHOWTIME

DANNY GARCIA, Unified Super Lightweight World Champion

“He [Zab Judah] is just another guy in my way. They all say the same thing. They think they're going to beat me…until we get into that ring.

“Everything is going solid. This is one of my most solid camps. I'm running and sparring and looking sharper every day. We're running a perfect schedule.

“[On his rib injury that postponed the originally scheduled February 9 fight date] I got hurt sparring. Boxing is a contact sport. It's my first injury ever as a professional. I feel like there shouldn't be any questions. My team and I made the right decision.

“Zab is from Brooklyn, but I'm the hometown guy. I was in New York City a few weeks ago, and a lot of people told me they are rooting for me. I know the crowd is going to be for me that night. I'm the champ.

“I feel like I'm hungrier now than ever. Everyone wants what I have. I have to always be on my A game. If you think like a champion, act like a champion and walk like a champion, you are a champion.

“I'm not really concerned about anything [that Judah will do in the fight]. I know I'm going to be at 110 percent and in perfect shape.

“I've fought tons of southpaws in the amateurs and in the pros. It's easier for me because I can land my hard left hand and hard left hook.

“Experience doesn't mean anything when you get hit. It is about how you can take a punch. When you get hit and let your hands go, experience doesn't matter.

“I have to keep showing the world that I'm the best 140-pound fighter

“I think it's personal when you go into a fight and a man is trying to hurt you. It's always personal.

“[On the support of Philadelphia fans] It means a lot because Philadelphia is a fighting city. The support of the Latino community means a lot. There has never been a Latino world champion that has come out of Philadelphia. I have Latino kids come up to me everyday and thank me and say they look up to me. I want to keep holding it down for my city.

“Every fight, my fan base is grows. That's how it is supposed to be. I'm happy that my city's following me.

“I've been going to this gym since I was 10 years old. Everyone here knows me. Kids I grew up with tell me to keep doing my thing. They pay attention and recognize the hard work.

“140 [pounds] is a great division. I have been at 140 since the amateurs. I think I have two or three more left at this weight.

“You are going to see the best Danny Garcia on April 27. I am predicting a fourth round knockout.

“I don't really have anything to say to him [Judah]. I am going to do what I do best, and punch him in the mouth.”

ANGEL GARCIA, Garcia's Father & Trainer

“Danny doesn't care what people say, but he is the champ.

“The truth hurts. Zab Judah fought Vernon Paris a year ago. Paris gave him nine rounds. Zab had his day. This is a new era of fighting. This is the Danny Swift era. He is the champion of the world.

“When Danny is fighting, I am in the ring with him. His opponent is fighting two spirits, not just one.

“The fighters needed someone to step up to the plate and SHOWTIME stepping up is the best thing that they ever did.


“I train him, he fights them and Al Haymon picks them. At 140 pounds, no one can beat the champ.

“When it comes to the injury, things happen. He is on his A Game now.

“People say Danny is a basic fighter, but come on…he is the champion of the world.

“Danny went to college…he got his degree [in the ring]. A few more years he will get his masters.

“People are always going to talk. I don't care what they say. I know we're happy. Danny has more haters than lovers, but those are the people that are going to come see him. As long as they pay the money to see him, I'm happy.”

                                                                             # # #

Garcia vs. Judah, a 12-round bout for Garcia's Unified Super Lightweight World Championship, is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and supported by Golden Boy Promotions sponsors Corona and AT&T. In the co-featured attraction, WBO Middleweight World Champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin puts his title on the line against hard-hitting Fernando Guerrero in a 12-round fight. The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING telecast begins live at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast). SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING is available in Spanish on secondary audio programming (SAP).

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-SouthPaul :

If the ko comes early, it'll be from the Zab Judah scud missile uppercuts . Danny late, Zab early.

-brownsugar :

If Zab was 10 years younger he'd be a cinch to win.. I gotta go with youth

-SouthPaul :

Danny should ko his pops' barber. Unforgivable lineup multiplied by 3 inches too high on the front side.

-deepwater :

Danny should ko his pops' barber. Unforgivable lineup multiplied by 3 inches too high on the front side.
He looks like a Lego man

-deepwater :

If Garcia doesn't call the cops on zab at the weighin and the fight happens zab will ko Garcia. Zabs last stand at home! Lucas m vs Garcia ? I have Lucas . Zab outclassed Lucas and won the 12 rounder. Zab by ko.

-ali :

SouthPaul im with u Zab early Garcia late but ain't that how it is in every big fight Judah is in. Cotto Mayweather ect boi if he could finish how starts he might still be undefeated.

-amayseng :

Ali said it perfectly. Zab may be the most gifted fighter today. He just never got all of what The Lord gave him. I can see Zab getting him out early tho.

-Bernie Campbell :

Im not in awe of Danny Garcia, but to let you know Zab has Tszu, Baldomir, Clotty, Friggun Corey Spinks and Amir Khan on the negative side of his ledger. Some of those bums dont necesarrily belong in murderers row! .,

-amayseng :

Exactly Bernie. Depends on which Zab shows up. So unpredictable.

-SouthPaul :

I like Danny but would be fun to see Zab win the uppercut upset .

-bigstinkybug :

Im not in awe of Danny Garcia, but to let you know Zab has Tszu, Baldomir, Clotty, Friggun Corey Spinks and Amir Khan on the negative side of his ledger. Some of those bums dont necesarrily belong in murderers row! .,

-deepwater :

this is zabs last stand at home in bk. he blows this one he will be a joke in brooklyn. I know all about that baldomir fight, I was there, lost money, and yet here I am again predicting zab. styles make fights. zabs style will prevail as long as he boxes smart and doesnt get clipped. i think lucas m would stop garcia.

-amayseng :

I'm with Deep. LM will ko Garcia. And I see Zab out boxing Garcia. Garcia is a "hitter" not a pure boxer. Khan was easily out boxing him carelessly taking risks and shots. Zab seems mature for once in his life.

-ali :

I sure hope like hell your right Deepwater Zab has always been one of my favorite fighters I just hope he can keep it together the entire fight.

-bigstinkybug :