“30 Days In May” Premieres April 3

30 days in may, mayweather vs. guerrero, may 4NEW YORK (April 1, 2013) – “30 DAYS IN MAY,” a revealing documentary film chronicling the days surrounding Floyd Mayweather’s incarceration in 2012, premieres Wednesday, April 3, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME®. The one-hour film was created exclusively from never-before-seen footage and features the only interviews Mayweather has conducted about this “life-changing experience.”

“30 DAYS IN MAY” offers an intimate look into the life of the world’s highest-paid athlete as he prepares for one of the most challenging experiences of his life. It provides a look inside his life, from his flamboyant mansion to a surprise birthday party for his daughter, while he prepares for life in a jail cell smaller than his bedroom closet. Ultimately, “30 DAYS IN MAY” reveals a man at peace with his impending incarceration and his evolution as a human being. Here is a clip from the film.

The debut of the documentary kicks off an unprecedented programming lineup in support of the upcoming SHOWTIME PPV® presentation of “MAY DAY: Mayweather vs. Guerrero,” featuring Mayweather’s first fight back in the ring since his release from jail. The mega-event, headlined by the undefeated Eight-Time and Five Division World Champion Mayweather facing Six-Time and Four-Division World Champion Robert Guerrero, takes place Saturday, May 4 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

Produced by Jackson Nguyen and Todd Crites of Turn Left Productions, “30 DAYS IN MAY” chronicles the days between Mayweather’s May 5, 2012 victory over Puerto Rican superstar Miguel Cotto and the start of a three-month jail term on June 1, 2012 at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas. The film concludes on Aug. 3, Mayweather’s self-described “best day of my life,” when he was released after serving two months behind bars.

“Our goal was not to tell his whole story – his humble upbringing or all of his accomplishments – but rather to document the life of a modern day superstar leading up to his three-month prison term,” said Crites. “What we are most proud of with ‘30 DAYS IN MAY’ is that it reveals a side of Floyd Mayweather that few get to witness – a person who is somewhat of a simple man, caring, eloquent, soft-spoken and, at times, reflective of not only himself, but also the world around him.”

“This film unveils a rarely seen side of a very public figure,” said Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President and General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports®. “There are poignant moments, refreshing moments and a candid look into how this experience affected Floyd. I can’t think of a better program to begin our unique lineup of content, which will culminate with Mayweather’s return to the ring against Robert Guerrero on May 4.”

“MAY DAY: Mayweather vs. Guerrero, a 12-round fight for Mayweather's WBC Welterweight World Championship, is promoted by Mayweather Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions and sponsored by Corona, O'Reilly Auto Parts, AT&T and Star Trek Into Darkness. The mega-event will take place Saturday, May 4 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and will be produced and distributed live by SHOWTIME PPV® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT. Also featured will be Daniel Ponce de Leon vs. Abner Mares, a 12-round fight for Ponce de Leon's WBC Featherweight World Championship.

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-amayseng :

not interested in the least... i have better things to do than watch floyd fail at being funny, count his money or talk on it pretending like it is a phone.. or also play the victim role like no one has had a tough childhood or life.. i watch children die of cancer and this this moron sheds a tear talking about having hoodlum parents while he traveled the world and became a champion and rich by 19 years old.. spare me

-brownsugar :

Can't say I agree with amayseng.. But to each his own..... There has been very little news regarding Mayweathers camp and preparation at all during the past few weeks . Except for a few 5second videos of Floyd playing basketball I received on my Facebook page there has been very information. This show should get a pretty good audience due to Floyd's polarizing persona as the man people love to hate. I'm hoping to see some sparring between Floyd and his chief southpaw Joseph Elegele.. A former amateur standout who throws lots of combos and shows lots of movement. I'll make sure I record it and watch it when I get the opportunity.

-deepwater :

it seems with more and more good fights going on you hear less and less about retarded floyd. oh well. who cares. watch it or not. fight fans will always rememeber the good fights and the exciting rematches and trilogies. floyd is becoming irrevelant but maybe the ghost fight will give him a boost. either way the last few months have showed that when mayweather leaves boxing its oh well.next.no big deal.

-ali :

I just want to see him fight at this point not interested at all in what he does outside the ring.

-amayseng :

I agree ali. In the ring ill watch all day. Society is so low on entertainment that they are pushing Floyd as something he is not. Which is entertaining. He fails at being funny. He doesn't have the sense to realize its humiliating.

-brownsugar :

well, .....watching Mayweather isn't as entertaining as watching the season finale of the Walking Dead... but I'll enjoy it.

-brownsugar :

just watched the show... kind of low-key and sparse... I'm not sure what kind of vibe they were looking for, but I'm not sure it was necessary. I think they could have used some training footage, or fight scenes.. watching Mayweather at a strip clup, with R rated stripper footage and Floyd speaking philisophically about how mankind was created to be naked, was really sorta odd.