Kendall Holt Releases Statement On “Atypical” Sample

March 29, 2013– First and foremost, I want everyone to know that I did not knowingly take any P.E.D., nor do I believe I unknowingly took any P.E.D.

The facts are as follows:

My camp, at my instruction, requested WADA level testing in connection with my bout with Lamont Peterson. Post bout urine samples were sent to the WADA accredited laboratory testing lab in Salt Lake City.

We repeatedly attempted to obtain the lab results from the D.C. Commission, with no success until yesterday. We did, however, receive an email from the Commission stating that both fighters had passed their test. Nonetheless we wanted the actual lab results.

Yesterday we received those lab results. The lab results were not identified by fighter but one of the results showed an elevated HCG level. It was labeled as an “”Atypical Finding.”

There are three levels of findings for WADA testing. There is a “negative” finding, meaning that the athlete has tested “negative” for prohibited substances, there is an “Adverse Analytical Finding,” meaning that there is a prohibited substance, and there is an “Atypical Finding”, meaning there should be further investigation. In part this is because there are certain medical conditions, which can cause elevated HCG levels.

We briefly believed that the test involved was that of Mr. Peterson. In fact it may be mine.

At this point, we do not have a full chain of custody report, which we will obtain. We will also, once the full chain of custody report is obtained, have the “B” sample tested. Finally, when that is completed we will have the medical tests as indicated by the results.

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deepwater says: At this point I do not care anymore. Take all the drugs you want. Do an 8 ball in the locker room. Just give me some good fights. This nonsense is turning people away. Back alley fights are better then this bs.


-deepwater :

At this point I do not care anymore. Take all the drugs you want. Do an 8 ball in the locker room. Just give me some good fights. This nonsense is turning people away. Back alley fights are better then this bs.

-StormCentre :

Agreed DP. Even if any of them are telling the truth, I just can't understand why they would pay and engage WADA or anyone with such a set of operational processes, where this garbage can happen. And if they didn't bother to check, read the organisation's protocols, and ask about what happens when/if someone tests positive, false positive or negative - and who gets access to what information; then that's even more concerning. And if they did actually bother to ask, and they told you that they would do exactly what they're doing, and then you still went with them anyway; far out man.... Sounds to me like everyone is avoiding VADA because they do a good job and have already caught out some; whilst at the same they're hell bent on employing and paying testing labs of lesser quality - so they can all pretend that they didn't have any idea that it would be so hard to get the correct information when/if someone tested positive. Meanwhile the ambiguity grows and no one is the wiser. Either get VADA and give them a free reign on speaking and responding, or let the athletes dope up as much as they like so long as their opponents know. But whatever you do, please stop this BS and treating boxing and it's fans s like we're a bunch numb-nuts that will believe every single time there is a positive PED test; its either not the athletes fault, or the lab screwed up, or someone reported it wrongly. Or all. This is getting like listening to Lance Armstrong a few years ago.

-ali :

WADA needs to be eliminated asap they don't have any idea what the fu?k there doing.

-StormCentre :

WADA needs to be eliminated asap they don't have any idea what the fu?k there doing.
Fair call Ali. And not only that, WADA are, like CSAC and a few others; in love with golden girl money and the promise of it continually knocking on their door. So much so that to PED testing, WADA are effectively the IBO of boxing sanctions; where you can (fight) do as (whom) you please and still be deemed great - no questions asked. But then what should we expect given that Oscar was widely reported to have been on the juice himself at times; which may be one reason why he didn't push too hard about reinvestigation when Mosley admitted to being juiced up in their first fight. Sometimes I honestly think they should just legalise it and have severe penalties for non-disclosure. Either that or someone start another boxing sanction {one that is credible with meaningful testing procedures such that no fighter in contention and/or at championship level can be a member unless he agrees to VADA (or someone similar) testing and managing all related announcements with full disclosure} where the world champion is guaranteed to be clean. But then that would either put the other sanctions out of business or probably just become corrupted. Like illicit drugs at clubs and elsewhere, I don't see the problem going away too soon. Particularly whilst there is so much money involved for fighters and promoters and particularly whilst there is not only such a vast chasm between what those who can make a difference say and do with respect to this issue - but also whilst some promoters and fighters play dumb and pretend that there is nothing they can do to proactively and reactively improve and avoid the situation; as they all (hilariously, inconsistently and shamefully) run from VADA. It's a real shame because these people are effectively disrupting and destroying the sport at a time when the last thing it needs is another kick in the guts; mostly because, I believe, they don't really care, are arrogant and simply think they can. That's why we, as a group of boxing lovers, should do all we can to change it. And we can. If each of us fired off a simple email expressing our disappointment in the involved promoter's lack of meaningful proactive approach and response to this matter, particularly with respect to disclosure failures related to what's being tested and who tested positive. And also if we suggested that we were concerned that there were no penalties and disclosure in relation to who tested positive . . . . Things may start to change. However, whilst the promoters are not directly advised by the paying fans that we know what their game is and want change; they will behave like politicians in the year of an election. And let's be real, most boxing writers that value their free passes and meals will not confront golden girl and others on this issue. Same for Showtime and HBO. After all, they hold the purse strings. It’s not like if they said “OK boys I want no fighter that we support on the juice; period, otherwise the cash flow stops”; the testing wouldn’t be meaningful and associated with real transparency and disclosure – remember them? At the end of the day someone has to get the message to promoters and networks that there is a little more to this sport and life than taking and not being accountable.

-SouthPaul :

I'm with Deepwater. I truly don't care anymore . Take whatever you want... All fighters ...any fights ... Any weight ..may the beat cheater win. Lmfao.