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Main-EventsMalik Scott has one of the better jabs in the business, and he used it to fine effect in the main event at The Paramount in Huntington, Long Island, New York Saturday night. I thought he clearly won after ten rounds against Czar Glazkov, who plodded after Scott but was never able to solve the taller, more experienced hitter…but the judges saw it otherwise.

By scores of 98-92 (Scott), 96-94 (Glazkov) and 95-95, they decided on a draw.

Czar after said thru a translator that he thinks he won. He said Malik was “running.” Scott said he wasn't running. He said he has skills like Ali and Mayweather, and noted that Czar is a Main Events fighter and they promoted the show. He said Czar's face tells the tale: “I'll stop this kid next time. He's lucky this went the distance.”

Scott went 161-397 to 127-463 for Czar. Seven or more times out of ten, the guy who throws more wins the fight, something that all trainers should inform their fighters of.

The fight ran on the NBC Sports Network “NBC Fight Night,” and was put on by Main Events. Eddie Claudio was the ref.

In the first, Scott (age 32; 225 pounds; from Philly; 35-0 entering) looked to pop the jab on Glazkov (from the Ukraine; 220 pounds; 14-0 entering; age 28). He wanted to keep Czar at bay. Scott is skilled, but can tend to go into robot mode: efficient but lacking in fire and aggression. The jabber Scott moved smartly to get his punches off and get to a safe zone. Could Czar do something to disrupt Malik's rhythm? He didn't through three, but in fourth he got his timing down some. Malik didn't jab as much and that helped Czar. The younger man closed the distance, tired Scott out by making him work early maybe more than he wanted to.

Malik cranked out a sneaky quick left hook to the body from a distance to start the sixth. He shook his head a couple times in round seven and eight when Czar landed, indicating he wasn't bothered. That long, fast jab stayed in Czar's face till the end, and we went to the cards.

Crazy busy Chris Algieri beat Jose Peralta before the heavyweight scrap. He threw over a hundred punches a round, and was rewarded by scores of 96-94, 97-93, 98-92 in front of his hometown fans.

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