J’Leon Love Beats Derrick Findley in Detroit

J’Leon Love took on Derrick Findley, in the TV opener on Showtime, which unfolded in Detroit at the Masonic Temple, and got the UD10 win, showing viewers that while he doesn’t scream future star right now, he has some solid building blocks to refine.

Love, signed to Al Haymon and Floyd Mayweather Promotions, won by scores of 100-90, 99-91, 99-91.

Love enjoyed the presence of Floyd in his corner. Roger Mayweather, who Al Bernstein explained was “ill” and couldn’t make it, is his regular trainer.

Golden Boy promoted the event along with Mayweather Promotions.

In round one, Love looked light on his feet. He’s an active defender, hard to get a bead on. Muscle-y Findley came forward in the second, but without much inventiveness. Love went low and got warned. In the third, Love used a long jab, but wasn’t able to keep Findley at bay the whole time. Mayweather, in the corner, told Love to keep hitting the body even though the ref warned him for going low. In round four, Love started to unload. He wanted to be the first to send Findley down. His right eye started to swell and he did well to keep on his feet. A right exploded on his jaw with 12 seconds to go.

In round five, Findley tried to come out strong to switch the momentum. A left hook landed sharp and clean. He bulled Love to a corner and tossed, but Love stayed cool. In round six, Findley kept on rabbit punching, and was warned. Love stopped moving and got caught in corners too much by this time.

In round seven, Findley again came out and got in Love’s face. In the eighth, Love landed a sharp right and the crowd liked it. He worked to the body some and Floyd in between rounds said he liked it. In round nine, the right to the body by Love scored well. “Keep workin, baby,” Floyd told him after. Findley was still rumbling in the tenth, and he by all means earned every dime he was paid. They went to the cards.

Findley (20-8 entering; from Indiana) subbed in for Bronco McKart, who hurt his ribs a few weeks ago. Love, born in Michigan, living in Vegas, entered with a 14-0 record.

The middleweights gained up weight to the light heavyweight limit.



-brownsugar :

Loved the Show,... but for a Mayweather fan like myself, it was mandatory to watch the show. It's ironic after all the negative press behind the implosion of his relationship with 50cent, Mayweather emerges with his own show, ..... patiently promoting his green and tender stable, and himself, ...while even working the corner of the still raw J'Leon Love. Most of you probably fell asleep or turned the channel to watch a rented video but I was enjoying every minute. The show was like a detroit family reunion and well supported by some of the detroit elite. The only person missing was Manny Stewart. ( I happen to have some family in Detroit) During the interviews and commentary,... Kenny smartly difused Mayweathers attempted harrangue regarding the failed Pacman fight and PED conversation... But for the most part is was a very positive look for Mayweather and how powerful he's become over the years. Now that he's finally arrived, it'll be interesting to see how far he can go. The K-9/Smith fight wasn't that bad.... by round 4 Smith found out he wasn't sparring and began to take over. Calling the fight a split decision takes away from Smith's mildly dominating performance. I couldn't believe it when they said K-9 has been boxing for 19 years.... young fighters who don't want to become erratic,.. off-balance, extremely awkward and ineffective in the ring should take note of what can become of their boxing skills if they don't correct mistakes early. guys like K-9 can be a nightmare to an opponent expecting to face an orthodoxed boxer. Good win for Ishe, Classy response from K-9 after the fight. I'm glad I tuned in, but I'll probably erase the show to make room for the next episode of "The Walking Dead".

-SouthPaul :

Good read, Suga'. I watched the entire card too. Solid stuff. Ishe was about as emotional as I've ever seen any fighter after a win. He damn near had Floyd choked up. Anyhow, yea, FMJ has come a very long ways..still doing it after all these years. Respect. Happy Bday to him.

-brownsugar :

Good read, Suga'. I watched the entire card too. Solid stuff. Ishe was about as emotional as I've ever seen any fighter after a win. He damn near had Floyd choked up. Anyhow, yea, FMJ has come a very long ways..still doing it after all these years. Respect. Happy Bday to him.
agreed SP,... J'Leone could use some work though,... he looked like he was jumping up and down on a trampoline whenever he decided to get on his bike,.. the kid needs to learn how to conserve energy. Derrick (Schwartzenegger) Findley shouldn't have given him so much trouble with his crude style. But then again Derrick has been in the ring with Dirrell and Ward,.. so maybe his experience was enough to extend the kid.

-deepwater :

Good fight for Findley .if he did not blow the last round I had it a draw. I could see either man winning by 1 point, so the fight was close and Findley roughed him up . Floyd in the corner put too much pressure on love . One judge was nuts blind and or corrupt with the scorecard shutout for love . Good card . Sloppy but fun main event . K9 was growling like a dog but he did get out boxed . I'm sad for him because without the belt I don't see him with much negotiating power and will be matched real tough for short money and at 39 he only has a handful of fights left.

-ali :

Im with u B-sug, J Love needs lots of wrk but he did gut it out so I have to give him props for that. I was so happy to see K9 lose I I hate the way he fight, talk, look ect. Ishe I know it blood sweat and tears but damn u took shedding tears to a level ive never seen before.,