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TSS LOGONonito Donaire, the Filipino-American superstar who was named the Boxing Writers Association of America 2012 Fighter of the Year, isn't sure if he will go through with his April 13 fight in NYC, at Radio City Music Hall, against Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Donaire took to Facebook to talk about his unwillingness to fight Rigondeaux if his challenger doesn't jump through the same strict PED-testing hoops that he will.

Donaire committed in June 2012 to year-round testing, to be done by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), in the hope that he and his foes will be on the same, level playing field in the ring.

Here is the statement Donaire posted on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon:

I want you guys to hear it from me first. I am NOT going to NYC for the presser this Thursday bc Rigo is backing off his agreement to VADA drug testing. Rigo's team verbally agreed to VADA testing both online and in negotiations. But now that the contract to start testing is in front of them, they are finding every excuse not to sign and delay the start of the testing. I have NOT signed my fight contract yet to fight him so I have no obligation to fight ONLY HIM. It disappoints me that top fighters these days run from everything that will hold professional boxing integrity to its highest standard. I will be looking into other opponents with my manager, Cameron Dunkin immediately.

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