Rodriguez Stops Overmatched Tahdooahnippah on FNF

espn logoGeorge Tahdooahnippah took a step up in class, meeting up with Friday Night Fights perennial Delvin Rodriguez at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

OK, two steps up in class…He showed himself to have a marvelous chin and heart, but at 2:41 of the sixth, Rodriguez stopped Tahdooahnippah, with the ref interceding as he ate clean blows galore.

“Comanche Boy” had a 31-0-1 record coming in, while the CT resident Rodriguez was 26-6-3.

Delvin last fought in June 2012, and had a hard time with Austin Trout, which is that much more understandable considering what Trout did to Miguel Cotto in December.

In the first, the 32-year-old popped his jab. His 34 year-old foe, who has fought all but one of his bouts in Oklahoma, looked to land a power shot. Both got cooking early in the sub-middleweight (157 or under) scrap. George ate several clean shots, to the head and body, and didn't look as relaxed as Del. Del fought backing up, but took the lead more when George grew hesitant.

Del whaled away and had George out, but the ref didn't stop it, to end the second. Eddie Cotton waved it off, then admitted he misheard the Comanche Boy corner, and the third round commenced. George hasn't had to work out of trouble and wasn't very successful at it; he neglected to hold, clutch, run, whatever it took to buy time. But Del didn't press as much in the third, and George, incredibly, made it to round four.

In the fourth, the right hand that worked so well in the second worked again. Blood flowed from George's nose, as his corner yelled, “Let your hands go!” George made it through the fifth as well, and the sixth, almost. Del stepped on it, demanded an ending, and the ref stepped in as George was taking blow after blow.

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-Radam G :

Anybody with more than 13 alphabets in his last name usually turn out to be a wuzz.. It is the culture of boxers to shorten long-@ss last names. A long-name is usually a marshmallow with an inflated record of fighting stiffs, busdrivers, drunken sailors, bellboys and lumberjack. Holla!

-deepwater :

Jeez I knew that kid had no skills but that was hard to watch. Hype job gimmicks can get a guy killed.

-amayseng :

i agree deepwater, i respect him for getting into that ring to begin with but my gosh 33 fights and dude looked like he had never seen a right hand before.... he lacked everything from fundamentals to athletic ability, coordination and skill. but he did have heart and took some thunderous shots, too many of them. but man, move away from that right hand, get your left up, lean back, move your feet, pivot out, something....

-Radam G :

And the right hand for a conventional pugilist is the easily to get away from. The-long-name pugilist was short on the above that Amayseng so nicely indicated. And as Deepwater will take a know nothing in deep waters and drown him, Deepwater was straight-up righteous: "Hyped-job gimmicks can get a guy KILLED" -- LITERALLY! A MISMATCH like that, shows just how full of optical illusions that this seedy sport can roll. Holla!