NFLer Ray Edwards' Last Fight Being Investigated

393123 10151383632295923 1004586746 nBased on this video, and the fact that his record now stands at 0-4, and the fact that he has been stopped in round one of all four professional bouts he has taken part in, can we all agree that Nick Capes should not be taking part in professional prizefights?

Nor, may we snarkily submit, should he take up acting for a living, because, based on this video, the man has trouble even playing the part of a competent pugilist.


The man who “punched” Capes to the floor at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo, North Dakota on Feb. 9, where he was counted out, is ex NFLer Ray Edwards (3-0 with 2 KOs). The 29 year-old behemoth, who played for the Viking (2006-2011) and Falcons (2011-2012) is 6-5, around 270 pounds, and we can surmise that when the 31-year-old Capes got a gander at him, he said to himself that he'd be better suited to minimize contact absorb from the massive slab of man.

I reached out the North Dakota Commission of Combative Sports to shed some light on the Capes caper.

“The events of the evening are under review,” said Secretary of State Al Jaeger, commissioner of Combative Sports. “Based on the video, we have suspended the fighter indefinitely. We also have communicated with the Association of Boxing Commissions. As we move through the review, we will take additional action, as necessary. This was a last minute replacement by the promoter because of a no show in the heavyweight category. For now, we do not have a lot more to add.”

My takeaways: time for Mr. Capes to hang up the gloves, and leave them there. Also, it would be only fair for us to have Mr. Capes explain himself, and let the investigation play out. Though the video looks damning, perhaps there is an explanation not readily apparent.