Tim Bradley Fights Ruslan Provodnikov March 16

toprankTim Bradley exploded on the radar screens of even casual boxing fans when he beat Manny Pacquiao on June 9, 2012 in Las Vegas. He’s fallen off the screen a bit since, by not seizing the momentum from the split decision upset, but Bradley will seek to remind fight fans of his skills when he gets in the ring on March 16 in California, against Ruslan Provodnikov.

Provodnikov, a 29-year-old Russian with a 22-1 mark, is known to regular watchers of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, but has to be seen as something of a surprise dance partner to Bradley after such a buzzworthy occasion as the win–or “win,” if you believe the judges dropped the ball on that night–over the Filipino icon. A signature win for Provodnikov doesn’t leap off the page at you when you check his Boxrec, but the kid is a willing banger, a worker bee who will make for a good fight, I think. There will be a healthy contingent of critics who wonder how and why Bradley will fight the Russian, after being on big stages against names like Pacquiao, Joel Casamayor, Devon Alexander and Lamont Peterson, but we shall see, if perhaps Provodnikov can channel that energy of skepticism in a useful manner, and channel some Bradley-against-Pacquiao magic on March 16.

The 29-year-old Bradley holds a 29-0 record and will look for his 30th win on a Top Rank card at The Home Depot Center in a bout to be seen live on HBO World Championship Boxing.



-Radam G :

Bradley is such an idiot. He refused to fight Lamont Peterson in a rematch for 2.3mil, but now he's taking this sham for 950thou. And even though he's fighting at home, don't be surprised to see him robbed. Dude was used by Sin City stanks, and is now dispised by all other officials, including the ones in Cali. I be listening on the seedy-sport's grapevine. Da Cali Cranium Crusher aka WBO paper champion has a monkey on his back. And, this time around, his arse corruption is gonna smack. What comes around goes around. Bradley is being played for a pathetic clown. Like a piece of $**t in the toilet bowl of pugilism, Bradley is being flushed down. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Be careful for what you wish for......... .....for what it's worth Bradley got the best payday of his life in exchange he's been trapped in limbo... having to depend upon the sometimes cruel mercies of his promoter. And like RG said ... he passed up good money for less good money. But I'm glad he's getting back out there. Provodnikov is no joke.. hit hard and fights with strong determination. Not the best deal fnacially but it's better than wasting away in obscurity.

-brownsugar :

He's could have gotten himself demoted to ESPN if he kept waiting indefinitely for the perfect deal. It's ironic how getting a win over Paq actually made Bradley less popular.

-ali :

Bradley is coming off a long layoff and injury so im curios to see how much that will affect him in this fight. I think that's why he turned down the Peterson fight he wanted a easier one but the guy they pick is not much of a downgrade. I think Bradley will win but I expect him to be in a dog fight for 12 rounds