Great American Heavyweight Box-Off To Kick Off Soon

NEW YORK CITY (January 9, 2013) – Veteran promoter/matchmaker Don Elbaum will host a press conference next Wednesday at the world famous Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn (NY) to make a major announcement regarding the creation of The Great America Heavyweight Box-Off (TGAHBO). The tournament will launch in early 2013 and it has been planned as an annual event.

Elbaum will reveal details of the tournament, including the tournament purse structure, including a $250,000 winner’s purse, as well as projected dates, venues and other pertinent information. The eight participating American heavyweights, plus one reserve in case of injuries, will be announced and most will be in attendance.



-Radam G :

Wow! Great ambitions. But lame heavies. Holla!

-ali :

I hope Wilder & Jennings will be apart of it but I doubt it.

-Radam G :

They will never be a part of it. Holla!

-the Roast :

Hey Radam or anyone, what ever happened to Monk Foreman? Is he fighting? I have heard zip, zero, zilcho.

-Bernie Campbell :

Im sure alot of politics are going into this! Travis Walker and Kauffman? How bout Julius Long against Wilder! Dominick Guinn vs Jennings? Dominick looked good against contendor Boytsov! Robert Hawkins? Ding A Ling Man- Friscoe almost took out Gerber! Chauncy Friggun Welliver! Dudes got a better record than either Klitschko! Jason Estrada former olympian will give them all hell! Cmon if you guys think that the American scene consist only of Jennings, Wilder, and Mitchell whose combined amatuer record amounts to squat! You gotta find another hero!

-Radam G :

The Monk is still fighting muthazoombies and muthasuckas on life machines. He and Wilder will probably fight one another by 2020 -- the next time the world is suppose to end, according the forecast of the usual religious nutcases. Holla!

-ali :

Bernie Campbell I've never heard of alot of those guys. Guinn and Walker I've seen fight but I will go check out the other guys on YouTube .