Boxing Year in Review-December 2012

Marquez Pacquiao 121208 005aManny Pacquiao looked sharp, like old Manny, like a 25 year-old version of himself, when he met Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time in Las Vegas on Dec. 8. But an overhand right with a minute to go in round six dropped Pacquiao into la-la land, flat on his face.

No mas for Manny. JMM scored a knockdown in the third and Manny returned the favor in the fifth, when a left caused Marquez' glove to the mat. But the 33-year-old Congressman fell into the Mexican's trap in round six, and now we wonder if his brain cells and chin wiring are permanently altered. Can Pacquiao prevail again, or will he learn conclusively in 2013 that this chapter is done?

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