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003He's contributed 1,626 posts in our Forum since we switched over to the new setup, and not a one has been a throwaway. Which is why we have our first two-time winner of the TSS Reader of the Year Award, Brown Sugar.

Our man Sugs, who snagged the honor for the 2010 frame, following in the footsteps of Radam, DonPuto and Fe'Roz, is rarely wrong with his predictions, or his analysis.

He's an Ohio resident, so, having attended college there, I'm not surprised that he gives off a humble vibe and doesn't engage in cyber beefs, like some of the more contentious Forum crew.

Sugs in 2012 showed heart, and let us see it, which is maybe even more important than his command of matters fistic. We saw that when he weighed in after the Newtown, CT massacre. “Parents have to bear their own share of the burden, parents have to take part and do a better job of “knowing who their kids are”while teaching them right and wrong. Easier said than done…but the effort has to be made. People send their knowingly wacked out kids to school expecting the school system to correct their kids' antisocial and negative behavior traits without lifting a finger to help at home and it's not right.”

Amen, sir.

You'll recall Mortcola won R.O.Y honors last year. He contended again this year, as did The Roast, Deepwater, Radam, and a bunch of other fellas. But Brown Sugar stood out with wisdom that often, but not always, comes with age. While young guns thundered about PED usage, our winner asked us not to indict and sentence without ample proof. “If I can still develop an attractive physique on demand at my age, with a lower testosterone level, I'm sure Marquez is limited only by his weight, desire and the requirement of his training regimine,” he wrote. “The naturally occuring hormone testosterone is a powerful, so powerful it can nearly change a woman into a man.. What Marquez has done in the fitness department is not surprising or new, all it takes is hard work.”

Another plus in Sugs' favor….the man loves his ellipses, as do I…..

Happy New Year, Brown Sugar. Thank you for being a key component at TSS, for your smarts and heart. We appreciate your contributions and look forward to reading your take on the latest happenings in our beloved theater of the unexpected for a long time to come.

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